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Big Green EGG® - Kick Ash Cans

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Kick Ash Cans for Big Green EGG® Grills

No more raking ash through the EGG's lower slider vent. No more having to clean up because you missed the ash basket outside the slider vent. No more hassles finding a place to store the ash bucket when not in use. Kick Ash Cans make ash handling a quick and simple task.    

The Kick Ash Cans sit in the bottom of your EGG. In order to use the Can, you'll need to:

  • remove the lump grate that came with your EGG. 
  • use a Kick Ash or Big Green EGG Ash Basket.

How to Use: Place the Can in the bottom of your EGG. After each cook, shake the ash out of the basket, let it fall into the Can, remove the Can, dispose of the ash into a nonflammable container and return the Can to the EGG.  Put  the basket back and you are ready to go. 

  • Designed specifically for Big Big Green Eggs
  • Made from Electropolished Stainless Steel
  • Patent Pending

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Robb S.
    Love your designs and the Kick Ash items as well

    Innovative useful products, trusted quality and timely shipping - Thank you

    PS: The "Naked Whiz" article on thermal protection offered by the Kick Ash Can is interesting and a selling point.

    Makes cleanup a breeze, short life

    I've learned it likely wont hold up to time or high heat. Got one 3 years ago. It is rusting thru at opening. Will replace as it's integral to my use and enjoyment of my egg now. The polished steel isn't necessary, it tarnishes quick in use. I'd rather see thicker steel.