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Band and Hinge Assembly Kit, Wrenches Included - Big Green EGG

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The replacement Big Green EGG band & hinge kit offers several features that EGG owners really like.

Smooth Open & Close Motion:

The biggest benefit and most significant improvement is the smooth and effortless motion of the dome. The innovative spring design reduces the effective weight of the dome, making it very easy to open & close. 

Quick Alignment Adjustments;

Another advantage is the ability to easily correct for dome overbite and underbite. With just a couple simple steps, you can achieve the ideal alignment. The ratcheting wrench we include free makes the process even faster.

Easy Dome Gasket Replacement:

Replacing the dome gasket has never been easier. By removing the handle, loosening the back dome bolt, and sliding out the dome, you can easily set the dome upside down on cardboard and replace the gasket. No need to work upside down like other kamados. The two free wrenches we include are handy for this task as well.

Free Wrenches with One Big Plus:

Each kit comes with the two required wrenches for the kit installation. The wrench for the multiple acorn nuts is a 12-pt. ratcheting wrench. It will make assembly much easier and should not mar the nuts' painted finish like metal open-end & box wrenches. You will appreciate the better look using the ratcheting wrench.

Keep the wrenches in the toolbox as dedicated EGG wrenches. Then, every couple of months you can do a quick check to make sure the nuts are snug.

Important - Measure Before Ordering:

Before ordering, measure the diameter of your Big Green EGG's cooking grid. The grid is what the food sits on. Do not measure any part of the actual EGG. Compare your measurement to the diameters listed alongside the EGG grills below.

This is the easiest way to ensure you get the right size band kit. Trust us on this, as you would not believe the number of folks who think their Big Green EGG is one size, but it is actually another size. 

Big Green EGG Band Kits;

  • XXL, 2XLarge w/ Anti-Sway – 29" diameter grid,
  • XL EGG – 24" diameter grid,
  • Large EGG – 18.25" diameter grid, 
  • Medium EGG – 15" or 15.75" diameter grid,
  • Small or MiniMax EGG – 13" diameter grid,
  • Mini EGG – 9.5" or 10" diameter grid.

Note: Due to their special use and packaging, Band Kits are non-returnable.

Ideal Time to Change-Out the Gasket:

During the band kit installation is the easiest time to replace the gasket on the base and dome. We carry Aramid Nomex, peel and stick gaskets at fantastic prices. The gaskets are USA and European made, not Chinese made. If ordered, the gasket will ship in the Band Kit Box.

Big Green EGG (OEM) Product:

The Band kits are the most current version from Big Green EGG and include the entire assembly - bands, springs, handle, hardware and instructions. We include the two wrenches, free, to complete the replacement. Band kits have free shipping.

Large, XL, 2XL, XXL

Medium, MiniMax,
Small, Mini

Complete Band & Hinge Assembly Kits for Large, XL and 2XL Big Green EGGs.
Complete Band & Hinge Assembly Kits for Medium, MiniMax, Small and Mini Big Green EGGs.

Note - all hardware is now black, no brass or silver colored self-clinch bolts.

Time wise, it is about a two to three beer change out. It is not difficult!

Customer Reviews

Based on 50 reviews
BGE XL band and hinge review

My order was promptly shipped. The precise instructions made installing the new bands and hinges an easy task. I've always have had great service from Ceramic Grill Store.

Jerald K.
Easy install

Shipping was fast and product is better than the original . I’ve had my green egg for at least 10 years and the old handle was small and the hinge didn’t help when opening the lid, the new handle is large and the redesigned spring hinge makes that heavy lid much easier to open

Lee S.
Replacement Hinge Kit and other accessories

It was a pleasure to do business with Ceramic Grill. The parts arrived in a very quick timeframe and they appeared to be the parts that I needed to repair my Green Egg Grill.
I would suggest that for greater customer satisfaction, it would be nice to get a text of e-mail when the item is shipped. I had no communication after the order.

kendall c.
New hinge assembly for Large BGE

Ordered and shipped the next day! Arrived undamaged and quickly. Easy to install. Glad to have my BGE back in working order. Thanks Ceramic Grille Store

Chris K.
Hinge Kit

What a great upgrade! So much nicer to use compared to my 14 year old set up with no handle! Waited way too long. Works better than when it was new.
Fast shipping and great service as well!