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Band and Hinge Assembly Kit - Big Green EGG

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$129.95 - $299.95
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Big Green Egg® wants customers to work with experienced authorized dealers, like us. Protect your purchase, have a question, call us, we are happy to assist you. 

If you can place an order, it typically ships within 48 hours.

The Big Green EGG band kits are the current version from Big Green EGG and include the entire assembly - bands, springs, handle, hardware and instructions. The old style hinge assembly is no longer available from Big Green EGG.  

Important:  Before ordering, do yourself a favor and measure the diameter of your Big Green EGG's cooking grid. The grid is what the food sits on. Do not measure any part of the actual Big Green EGG. Compare your measurement to the diameters listed along side the Big Green EGGs listed below.

This is the easiest way to insure you get the right size Big Green EGG band kit. Trust us on this, as you would not believe the number of folks who think their Big Green EGG is one size but it's actually another size.   

Big Green EGG Band Kits; 

  • XXL, 2XLarge w/ Anti-Sway – 29" diameter grid,
  • XL EGG – 24" diameter grid, 
  • Large EGG – 18.25" diameter grid, 
  • Medium EGG – 15" or 15.75" diameter grid.
  • Small or MiniMax EGG – 13" diameter grid
  • Mini EGG – 9.5" or 10" diameter grid.  

Note: Due to their special use and packaging, Band Kits are non-returnable. 

Recommendation: Great time to replace the gasket seal on base and dome. We carry Nomex, peel and stick gaskets. 

Over the years, Big Green EGG has made several modifications to the various band assemblies. These are the most current assemblies by Big Green EGG and generally in stock for immediate shipping. 

Link:  Big Green EGG Band Kit Assembly Instructions 

Big Green EGG band kits includes: Replacement Hinges, Springs, both Bands, Handle Assembly, package nuts/bolts and instructions. It takes about one hour to do the change out. It's not difficult! 

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Thank CGS crew

Shipped immediately-
Arrived on time-
Installed easily-
Worked perfectly
What's not to like?
Ten year egg just like new.

Susan Bridges
Perfect Fit

The assembly kit was a perfect fit for my Dad's old Big Green Egg we inherited. Thanks for the prompt shipping! Great company!

Jeffery Everidge
New Egg Band.

The new Egg band I purchased was a great purchase. The old band didn’t work well at all.I couldn’t ever get the under bite worked out. I am so happy with the band and the fit of it. No under or over bite. Thank you

Rich Foerster
New hinge replacement

This new hinge replacement is so much better than the old style. Easy installation. Lid is much easier to lift now. Would recommend replacing old one before you have to.

herbert wagenheim
Love it!

The new band hinge, while difficult to find anywhere, fits perfectly and functions 10 times better than the old style. The new style fits my 20-year old small egg perfectly, the lid is easy to close and stays open. My little egg is ready for action and looks awesome. Thank you for working with me on this.