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Adjustable Rig Spider Combo - Vision Grills

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Combo Includes
Pick Ceramic Stone

The Combo include:

-  Adjustable Rig w/ attached Spider and Pair Crossbars;
-  13"x17" Oval Stainless Cooking Grid;
-  Pick one: 13" Full Round Ceramic Stone or Two 15" Half Stones;

    Which Stone: To use both 15" Half Stones on the Spider (big barbeque cook), your fire bowl's inside diameter should be at least 16.25". This is for air circulation. The Two 15" Half Stones offer more flexibility than the 13" Round Stone. Go 15" if you can!

    What can the Combo do:

    • set-up on the Rig to grill on one or two grid;
    • set-up on the Rig to barbeque on one or two grids.
    • set a stone on the Spider for big, 2 grid, barbeque cooks on the Rig;
    • set a cast iron grid on the Spider to sear close to the lump; reverse sear method possible;
    • Grill or barbeque the Thanksgiving turkey;
    • set-up half direct and half indirect with one 15" Half Stone, you have options on stone placement;
    • use a stone atop the Rig for pizza;

    Additional Accessories to add:

    • 18" Round Stainless Grid for atop the Rig;
    • 14" Stainless Drip Pan for use on the Spider or Rig;
    • 16" Stainless Drip Pan for use on the Rig, does not fit Spider;
    • cast iron grid to sear close to lump; Big Green Egg's 13" grid for Small and Minimax Egg fits (model 13CI);  Call us to order.
    • extra set of Crossbars, if you misplace things or have small kids.

    The Adjustable Rig Spider Combo is for the Vision™ Classic, Professional and Signature Series Grills - 2014 or newer.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    Alan Price
    New Spider Rig for Vision grill

    Fantastic product and customer service was outstanding. Cooked our first meal over the weekend on the new set up. Adjustability was flawless and was able to sear and cook the steaks to perfection.

    Mark Ball
    Very nice

    Just received for my Vision Pro S. I bought it with the 2 pc 15" defector. Built great and very usable. Should really make more grill more functional. Look forward to adding to it. Came packaged great by the way

    John D
    You need one of these if you don't already have one

    The combo with either the stone or cast iron is the way to go. I have a Vision grill from Costo and went to the CGS in person. What a cool place.


    Well worth the price. Well made and perfect fit.

    Brian N
    Like everything I've bought from CGS this has been awesome!!

    Well thought out, well designed. Nice having the spider attached. Can pull all levels out at once to add chips or more lump coal. Saved some money on the combo. I can't tell you how much more awesome this is than the stock cooking grates that came with my vision grill. I'm so glad I bought this right away when my grill was new so I cold get the most out of the grill.