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The Adjustable Rig Spider is designed to fit the Vision™ Classic, Professional and S Series Grills, sold through Home Depot, Sams Club, Costco and other retail outlets.

This is only the Adjustable Rig with Spider attached. We recommend you review the Adjustable Rig Spider Combo. The Spider is welded to the Adjustable Rig. It's one unit.

With the Adjustable Rig, you can: 

  • raise the Vision grid 1.5" above the felt line to grill;
  • add our 16.5" Round or 13x17 Oval Grid to grill at varying heights, including the felt line;
  • add our 9x18 Half Grid for 1-1/2 grid grilling set-up;
  • raise the Vision grid 1.5" above the felt line to barbeque; 
  • add our 13", 15" or 13"x17" Ceramic Stones to barbeque;
  • add our 15" or 16" Half Stone to set-up half indirect over the 18" grid;
  • use the top of the Rig to reverse sear steaks on the egg® grid;
  • add a wok for Asian Flair;
  • lift the Rig set-up out as one unit.

Additional Accessories to consider: 

  • 13", 15" or 13"x17" Ceramic Stone for an indirect, barbeque set-up; 
  • Grids: 9x18 Half Grid to create a 1/1/2 grid set-up, grill veggies up top while searing steaks below; 
  • Rig Extender, Slide Guide, 16" Sliding D and/or 13"x17" Oval Grid(s) for expanded capabilities;
  • 14" or 16" Wok, 16" preferred;
  • 14" and 16" Stainless Drip Pans fit inside the Rig.

Fabricated using Stainless steel components. Made in the USA exclusively by/for CGS.

Check our Large Adjustable Rig Spider Combo Package!

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