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18" Cast Iron Grid

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Cast iron grids are the preferred grid for creating the grilled checkerboard pattern found at popular steakhouses. Perfect for steaks, burgers and fish, you can grill just about thing on cast iron.

What makes cast iron ideal for searing is its ability to absorb and release large amounts of heat. The grid is dual surface: narrow side for grill marks and wider side for deeper blackening.

  Keep cast iron grids, griddles and grates close to the fire where they can easily absorb the penetrating heat they need to do their thing. Raising them up, pulling away from the heat, greatly minimizes their effectiveness.   


  • Large Big Green EGG®, set on fire ring;
  • Should fit most grills using a full round 18" diameter cooking grid;
  • CGS' XL Spiders, Normal and Deep Drop to get close to the fire;
  • CGS' XL Woo Ring, set on XL Woo's lower ring, more cost effective option than 2 XL Half Cast Iron Grids. 

  To prevent rust coat the cast iron with a very thin film of oil after each cook. Try this: clean the grid with a brush, spray lightly with PAM or similar and then return the grid to the hot grill (place up in the dome) where it can cool/reseason as the grill cools down. 

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Thomas Jubb
Packed and shipped well

Nice grate. I like the finish. Shipping was great and the grate was pack excellent. Great value for the $$