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17 Heavy Duty Stainless Large Rig Grid

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A heavy duty, full round grid for use inside the Large Adjustable Rig. Quickly set the grid at any of the three notch levels using the Rig Crossbars or Slide Guide.

Enjoy three additional grilling heights from the fire ring to the felt line. 


We like the Rig's lowest setting for grilling burgers - things we need to flip. The burgers still get the searing heat and with the grid up are much easier to flip.

The middle setting is about halfway between the top of the fire ring and felt line, so it's our happy medium spot. Ideal when using old charcoal or if the fire is too hot. 

The top height is close to the top of the base (felt line). It's a popular spot for many folks when grilling chicken or sausages.

The 17 Heavy Duty Grid can be used as a bbq grid too, similar functionality as the 13x17 Oval Grid.  You can also get creative with the 17 Grid if you have a half stone or grid. 


Specs: 16.7" actual diameter. The entire Grid is fabricated with 0.225" diameter Stainless wire. At 4.50 lbs., the 17 HD Grid weighs more than your 3.65 lb. 18.25" EGG grid. Proudly Made in the USA.

As a side note, it's a smaller version of our popular 18" Large Big Green EGG Heavy Duty Cooking Grid (Grate) - CGS.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Nice looking, well built!

Unused yet, we are in a rainy spell.
Grid is a good addition to the LBGE cooking ware.
Easy ordering and quick shipping!

Janice C.
Amazingly solid grate!

This grate is very heavy & solid, very well made! It’s made of much thicker stock than any others I’ve seen. But it does not measure 17”. It’s only 16.7” which is just short of what I needed for a vintage Cook ‘N’ Kettle Senior. I cannot find anything that measures a true 17” so I’ll keep it. I’ll see if our magic welding guys can do something with it to help me, because just a slight nudge and it wants to fall off the little nubs that hold it up in the kettle. I can get the real thing (cast iron grate) from the Mfg as they still make them, but it’s over $200 😢