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16" Cast Iron Grid for Medium Big Green EGG

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Best Heavy duty cast iron grid for Medium Big Green EGG. Learn about cast iron grids and best practices to grill with and maintain cast iron.

How Cast Iron Grids Work:

The cast iron acts like a heat sink, absorbing heat from the fire. When the cold meat hits the hot cast iron, the grid quickly releases its heat into the meat producing the highly coveted grill marks. By releasing heat that part of the grid cools. This is why 'those in the know,' recommend moving to a new part of the hot grid to keep the heat transfer (grill marks) going. While moving, turn the meat 90 degrees to create the ever-popular crosshatch pattern.

Dual Sided:

One side is narrow. The other side is wide. The narrow side (thin edge) is best for creating the grill lines outlined above. The wide (flat side) is perfect for seafood, fish, veggies or other foods that need more grid surface underneath. The flat side is also ideal for holding thin foods that can easily fall through a Stainless grid. The grids come preseasoned, ready for immediate use.

Grid Uses:

The 16-inch cast iron grid is the stock size for the Medium Big Green EGG. Best to set the grid directly on the fire ring.

The 16-inch grid can be paired with various CGS Accessories to drop closer to the fire:  

  • Pit Boss 24 Accessory Ring - Spider;
  • Pit Boss 24 Expander - Woo Ring;
  • XL Big Green EGG Accessory Ring - Deep Drop Spider;
  • XL Lump Reducing Rings;
  • Kamado Joe Big Joe Accessory Ring - Spider;

The Spider drops inside the grill's fire ring, placing the cast iron grid closer to the fire. It's an easy set-up to sear hotter. Plus, dropping down provides added vertical spacing to use a second grid above.

Note: Depending on our supplier's availability, we reserve the right to substitute the Big Green EGG grid. Grid is approximately 15.75-inch diameter.

Important:  We do not recommend elevating a cast iron grid in the grill, as it pulls the grid away from the heat it needs to produce the desirable grill marks. Close to the lump is best - makes it easier for the cast iron to heat up and sear. Simply, use cast iron under and not on top of Expander racks.

Caring for Cast Iron Grids:

The 16-inch Cast Iron Grid comes with a preseason protective coating.

Here is what we do: Immediately after the food comes off, we brush the grid clean and spray it with a quick shot of Pam or similar veggie spray. The grid goes back in the hot grill on an elevated rack. As the grill cools down, the grid gets a quick redo of protective oil to prevent rust.

Couple hot tips:

As a cast iron grid or griddle heats up, it gets lighter (less gray) in color. See if you can tell the difference next time you use one at very high temperatures.

If you dropped beads of water on very hot cast iron, you would think the water would evaporate right away. Not exactly, with very hot cast iron, the water droplets will 'dance' or jump around. This is hard to do on a grid but try it next time on a cast iron griddle.

Is it called cast iron grid or cast iron grate?

For ceramic, kamado, grills we recommend using cast iron grid for cooking surfaces. This eliminates any confusion with the grate that holds the charcoal.

Customer Reviews

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Marco V.
16" cast iron grill grate

The grill grate is nice, but it is to small for the K24 pit boss or Louisiana kamado by an inch and a half. It slides around on the woo ring. It's probably great for the big green egg.