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14 Inch Cantonese Wok

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Enjoy unlimited stir fry possibilities and have more fun with your grill.  A 14", round bottom, carbon steel, Cantonese wok with riveted handles is best for the Medium Big Green EGG and Primo Large Oval kamado grills.

Looking for new ways to enjoy your grill, how about wokking. It can be a healthy alternative to BBQ too. And, there is more to wok than just Asian meals. Our favorite is shrimp scampi.

14" Wok offers unlimited stir fry possibilities in Primo's Large Oval and 15" to 17" diameter kamados. The round bottom wok is 14" in diameter topside and has two riveted handles.  

The Set-Up: We recommend using a CGS Spider to hold the Wok. The Spider provides two height options on placing the wok. First is Spider legs down which gets the wok close the fire. Second is Spider leg up which elevates the wok for easier handling. Most folks go Spider legs up.  Note: We shy away from using Expanders to hold a wok, as the Expander's top ring can interfere with handling the hot wok. Think safety first on these hot and fast action cooks.

Best Style: Carbon Steel is the premier metal for a wok. Unlike cast iron which absorbs heat, steel passes heat to the food fast. Wokking is a fast hot cook, so we need the heat to move fast. Round bottom Cantonese woks are perfect for kamado grills. We recommend shying away from flat bottom woks as it is harder to stir food vs. a round bottom. Woks are one product we don't mind importing from Asia!

Wok Rack: The Rack holds the wok on a table or counter, so the wok doesn't roll. Can be used with 12", 14" or 16" woks.

Palmyra Bristle Brush: 8" Palmyra Wok Brush is specially designed to tackle the round wok shape. The large bristle area and stubby handle length provide plenty of leverage to ensure your wok gets clean. The Palmyra bristles are perfect for attacking rough surfaces and hard-to-remove foods. Easiest to clean the wok while hot with water. Clean similar to cast iron.

Those wacky spoons and ladles: Many stores promote using metal spoons and ladles with wood handles. We do not recommend them, as they have square edges that can scrap off the wok's protective seasoning during a cook. We offer a wide, round, skimmer spoon to handle food out the wok. Use this spoon and a solid wood spoon for the actual wokking and you are all set for food handling.

Seasoning a Wok: You'll need to season the wok, The process is similar to seasoning cast iron. The wok comes with a protective oil to prevent rusting. You will need to wash this off with warm soapy water prior to seasoning. 

Visit our Wok Info Page to learn more. here

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Robert P.
    Sturdy Wok

    Perfect fit. Quick to heat. Size also perfect for the 2 of us. Easy cleanup.

    Scott P.
    Great for the MiniMax Green Egg(amended after 3 cooks)

    This wok is a great value, seasoning it is fast and easy. I used Flax-Oil one coat in and out, 3 more inside in a 500 oven. Have done about 3-4 cooks and the patina is getting very nice and dark.

    Scott P.
    Perfect for my MiniMax

    This worked out to be the perfect size for me for my Green Egg MiniMax. A great wok for the money, can't beat it!

    jack z.
    Hard to 'rate' a wok!! however, the customer service was superb. Lady with whom I spoke was court...

    Hard to 'rate' a wok!! however, the customer service was superb. Lady with whom I spoke was courteous, knowledgeable and friendly. I will return whenever I need anything. Website excellent too. jack