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13x17 Oval Stainless Grid

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This oval cooking grid works in tandem with the Large Adjustable Rig.

We originally designed the 13x17 Oval Stainless Grid as a rib and brisket grid but found it works great as a standard cooking grid too. The Oval Grid fits inside the Large Rig for a second grid option. The Oval Grid sits atop the Large Adjustable Rig Extender for super raised grid cooks too. 

We recommend two Oval Grids when rotating food is key - 4 racks of ribs or bunch of chicken wings/parts. The 13x17 Oval Grid does not fit the Woo Rings. 


The Grid is actually 17.5" long and 12.875" wide. It's fabricated using 0.162 dia. EPQ Stainless Steel wire with electro-polish finish for improved performance and durability. The  EPQ wire and finish make it easier to clean the grid after each cook. The grid crosswires are compact (0.55" spacing) and can hold just about any type of food. Adjustable Rig pictured is not included.  

Made in the USA exclusively for CGS, Ceramic Grill Store. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews

This rack along with the slide guide and crossbar are a fantastic addition to the big green. The additional, EASILY ACCESSIBLE, rack space is a great add to your cooking system.

Problem Solved

I have been using the BGE plate setter for indirect cooks. Often times the ends of my meats would get over done due to lack of coverage by the plate setter. Problem solved. Thanks Guys for another great product.

No more burnt edges on my ribs!

I was initially skeptical about a non-symmetrical heat deflector in my beloved egg... but after considering a bit more, took the plunge. BOY am I glad I did! It is so nice to be able to smoke full racks of ribs without burning the tips hanging over the edge of the deflector! Now every last bit gets a smoky bark without char... which is good thing, because every last bit is headed straight to a drooling mouth!

Great Quality! Excellent

As normal CGS is provides the best quality products. I use these all the time for cooking ribs on my slider setup with my Adjustable Rig.


In more ways that one! Came as part of the R&B Combo and have no regrets getting the oval over the round stone. Excellent quality stone, very thick and holds its heat well. The oval shape ensures my ribs don't get overcooked tips!