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12 Inch Big Green EGG Heat Deflectors, Pizza Stones

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Big Green EGG 12" Full Round, 401007, and Half Moon ConvEGGtor, 127273, Ceramic Stones

Most common uses are a heat deflector or pizza stone.

  • Full round pizza stone for grills with 13" - 15" cooking grid,
  • Medium Big Green EGG - preferred pizza stone to pair with EGG's ConvEGGtor,
  • Medium Big Green EGG - preferred half moon heat deflector(s) on EGG's Medium Eggspander Basket, two half moons recommended.
  • Medium Big Green EGG - full round heat deflector on EGG's Medium Eggspander Basket.

    Note: Half and full stones are interchangeable. Bake pizza on two half moons. Use a full stone as a heat deflector. 

    CGS' Woo Ring for the Medium EGG uses the 13" ceramic stone for heat deflectors and pizza stone. You get wider indirect coverage and bigger pizzas on the Medium Woo. 

    Specs: Approximate stone specifications are 12" diameter, 5/8" thickness and high refractory ceramics. Imprinted with Big Green EGG.

    Use: Best to set the stone in the grill as the grill comes to temperature to prevent thermal shock. Heat deflector stones absorb moisture like sponges, so protect the topside of the stone with foil or drip pan. Check out our 12" Stainless Drip Pan.

    Care: Do not oil or use dish detergents on the stone. Do not do clean with high heat or in the dishwasher. To clean, scrape debris off and heat with moderate temperatures. 

    Also: Check out our 12" Stainless Drip Pan, Ceramic Spacers, and pizza Turners. Use the pan to catch drippings. Use the spacers to lift the pizza stone above the blocking stone. Use the long turner to work/check the dough during the cook. 

    Big Green EGG product, 

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