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Spider vs. Woo Ring vs Adjustable Rig

Our most popular accessories are the platform pieces: Spider, Woo Ring & Adjustable Rig. Combine the three with the usual grids, stones, etc. and you'll be able to cook just about anything. The detail below should give you an idea of what each does and how they are different.

Spider:  The Spider is a single ring platform with legs. How many Spider legs (3,4,5) is dependent on your grill's fire ring/box. The correct Spider is listed in your grill's shopping pages.

The Spider can hang down inside the fire box/bowl. The Spider's round platform holds a grid, wok, stone above the fire. It's a terrific place to sear steaks on a cast iron grid and/or set-up with a half or full stone under a grid. 

Additionally, the Spider can be inverted up, creating a platform above the fire box/bowl. It's a simple way to elevate a cast iron grid, wok, pizza stone or Dutch oven for easier handling.

The Spider can be paired with the Adjustable Rig for big BBQ cooks. Outside the grill, you can use the Spider to elevate hot items off the counter top.  

Spider holding a pair of 15" half stones in kamado vision grill

spider holding a 16" wok inside a kamado vision grill


Woo Ring (Woo): The Woo Ring (Woo), below left, is a two ring platform that sits directly on the grill's fire ring/box. The top (big) ring is fixed position and holds the grill's cooking grid, generally a smidge below the grill's felt line. The lower (small) ring is fixed position and holds stones, pans and woks. The lower ring may drop inside or be above the fire bowl/ring, just depends on your grill spacing.

The PSWoo Ring, pictured below right, is a hybrid Woo Ring that works specifically with the large Big Green Egg's ConvEGGtor or platesetter. If you own a large Big Green Egg and prefer the platesetter/convEGGtor, the PSWoo will change our life in a really good way. Trust us on this one! 

Woo Ring for Ceramic, Kamado, style Grills

PSWoo ring for the Large Big Green Egg ceramic grill


A grid on the Woo's top ring is the perfect spot for a raised grilling cook. It's a terrific spot to grill chicken, brats, veggies, pizza or other delicate foods. Add a ceramic piece (ceramic stone or plate) on the Woo's lower ring and you've transformed the grilling set-up into a low & slow, smoking (BBQ) set-up.

Handles on a Woo can be standard, optional or not available. Handles are dependent on the grill size and cooking grid. Handles are a godsend when it comes to accessing the grill. Lift the Woo and everything comes with it. No need to handle a hot ceramic plate. Check the Woo in your grill's product page for handle availability. 


Adjustable Rig (Rig): The Adjustable Rig is the most versatile multitasker available. It's the premier racking system for ceramic grills. We'll put it up against anything on the market, including all manufacturer accessories.

Creating the various cooking set-ups is as easy as adding stones, grids, and such on the Rig. Multi-level or multi-grid are both possible using the Rig's top ring and Crossbars. The top of the Rig works the sweet spot in the grill's dome. In the dome is our preferred spot for grilling on a raised grid. The Crossbars slip into the Rig's notches and hold stones, grids and such at varying heights. 

One of the cool features of the Rig is how easy it is to transition between set-ups. Most folks find the Rig Combo packages handle the majority of their cooking needs. For the specialty cooks, it's just adding a piece or two when needed. Many Rig owners have commented that the Rig's capabilities are only limited by their imagination.  

If you need flexibility, capacity or the ceramic grill is your passion/hobby, the Adjustable Rig is for you. The Rig is available for most round grills with an 18" or larger cooking grid.

Large Adjustable Rig is pictured on the left side below. The XL Adjustable Rig is pictured on the right side. 


Specialty Items: We've crafted a number of other handy accessories to make ceramic grilling more enjoyable. If the accessories are applicable to your grill, you'll find them in your grill's shopping section. Some of the more popular accessories include:

Specialty Grids

Meat Stick - Vertical Spit

Ang-L Brackets

Lump Rakes

Lump Rings

Ash Tools

CGS Fire Starters

CGS Pink Butcher Paper