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XL Adjustable Rig - Multi Grids/Abilities XL EGG®

✔  Significantly increases cooking area - up to 3 grid levels;
✔  Easily pairs with CGS' XL Woo Ring and EGG's XL ConvEGGtor®;
✔  Provides open and direct access to lump on single grid cooks;
✔  16"x20" Oval Stainless Grid sits inside or atop the XL Adj. Rig;
✔  20" Full Round Stainless Grid sits atop the XL Adj. Rig;
✔  Use 18" Half Stones on Rig's lowest crossbar settings; best indirect set up any grill; 
✔  Bonus, Half Stone/Grid Bundle creates tiered grilling, ideal for reverse sear; 
Best choice to add greatest flexibility to EGG's ConvEGGtor or CGS' XL Woo Ring.

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