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Large Adjustable Rig - Ultimate Rack System Large EGG®

✔  Fastest set-up for raised grid grilling, Rig in, grid on;
✔  Effectively manages grid(s) at multiple levels and heights;
✔  Lifts in and out by top ring;
✔  Provides options on size, shape and placement of the indirect stone;
✔  Provides drip pan options, size, shape, on or above stone;
✔  Manages specialty cooks - pizza. reverse sear;
✔  Pairs with the 3 Rig Bundles, expand the R&B Combo's capabilities:
- Spider Stone Bundle handles big meat cooks;
- Rig Extender Bundle adds/expands sliding grid capabilities;
- Half Stone/Grid Bundle provides true 1-1/2 grid grilling;
For large kamados, no rack system matches the Adjustable Rig on abilities. We'll back this claim with cash!