Flame Boss 500 High Temperature Meat Probe

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Flame Boss 500 High Temperature Straight Plug Meat Probe

Pick up a couple extra meat probes so you can monitor more than one meat. Cool feature on the Flame Boss 500 is it has 3 dedicated meat ports, so it's easy to monitor 1,2 or 3 meats. Plus, you don't need to buy Y adapter splitters like you do with the EGG Genius. The 500 is more cost effective and easier to use, very nice!

The High Temperature Meat Probes for Flame Boss® 500 are an industrial duty platinum resistance thermometer probe. Each includes 6 ft. stainless steel shielding and is rated to 475˚F.

The Flame Boss 500 Meat Probe can be used with the Flame Boss 400 and Big Green EGG® EGG Genius Controllers. Also compatible with Flame Boss 100, 200 and 300 Controllers. Unfortunately, the other Flame Boss and EGG Controller probes have 90° connectors and are not recommended for the Flame Boss 500.  


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