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Smokeware BGE Stainless Steel Vented Chimney Cap

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$46.95 - $46.95
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[ST] Frequently Bought Together
[ST] Frequently Bought Together

These caps only fit Big Green Egg's Medium, Large and XL grills. 

Benefits & Advantages:

  • Fits BGE sizes Large & XL
  • Smokeware says it fits the Medium. It can be a very loose fit as the inside diameter of the Cap is approximately 5-1/2 inches. Measure your egg's vent stack before buying for a medium Egg®.
  • New tapered vent design for precise low temperature control.
  • New laser etched Smokeware Logo
  • Fits securely on Large and XL. Will not fall off or break
  • Maintains vent settings when grill is opened and closed
  • Will not rust. Cook in rain or snow, all weather cap
  • Stainless steel 304 Grade replaces daisy wheel & porcelain cap


Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Mike S.
Not impressed at all

I don't get the hype for this at all. The Kontrol Tower or cast iron daisy wheel that comes with Kamado Joe products are superior to this product in every way. The top "dome" part just slides out of this cap. If somehow you managed to turn your grill upside down, half of it would just fall off your grill. The metal is thin and seems cheap... but its not inexpensive. To anyone on the fence, the one you have is better than this for sure. Its even hard to adjust once its on, and to see where its at as far as how open/closed it is. Its pretty, and will protect against rain - and thats it. Easily my least favorite grilling accessory to date.

David Rose
Fast delivery

Just as good as advertised. Well worth replacing the daisy wheel.

Thomas Barbera
Waited a long time!

At last no more daisy wheel!

David Pham
Makes your BGE look really cool.

It's really shiny and looks like you mod your BGE. Like you know what you're doing. Like a hod rod mod. I guess it has some more precise venting too.

Gene Bernick
What a difference!

Awsome temp control and stays where you set it. Not disappointed at all.