Nomex Replacement Gasket for Smoke Stack - LG/Pit Boss, Vision or Gorilla Grills.

Ceramic Grill Store

Ceramic Grill Store

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Use this Nomex replacement Gasket around your grill's top smoke (chimney) stack to hold the daisy wheel in place

 1 1/8" wide Gasket fits: 

  • Louisiana or Pit Boss Grills
  • Gorilla Grills
  • Vision Grills

High Temperature Nomex® Felt Replacement Gasket - This Meta-Aramid (Nomex®) felt replaces the wool felt gasket under your ceramic grill's top chimney cap. Nomex® is designed for high temperature applications and outperforms wool and polyester felt when properly installed and maintained. Gasket is peel and stick.  Approximately 26" in length.

Prior to ordering we recommend you take a measurement around your stack to insure 26" is long enough. If your daisy wheel fits real loose, you may have to run a double layer of gasket. Gasket is approximately 1/8" thick.

Dupont product