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After delivering our first ceramic grill (years ago), we recognized one important thing: we needed to come up with an efficient way to move the grills. We tried numerous moving methods but it did not take long to recognize our chariot mover was/is the quickest and easiest way to move a kamado grill.

For the last couple years, we've offered the chariot to our in-store customers who did self installs. When they returned the chariot, we generally asked, how'd it go. The consistent response we heard was....the chariot made the job so easy.

The Chariot package includes 3 of the 4 key pieces to building your own chariot:

  • two cut-to-form wood braces;
  • two threaded rods with nuts/washers;
  • screws to attach the braces to the arms.

You'll need to add the fourth key piece: two 2" x 4" wood arms. It's a quick trip to your local lumberyard for two 2"x 4"x 8' wood studs. We don't include the arms because shipping them cost more than buying them. 

Tools need to build the chariot: 

We include these tools in the Chariot kit:

  • bit to drill the pilot holes for the screws;
  • Phillips head screw bit for your drill to drive the screws;
  • spade bit to drill the holes for the threaded rod;

You need to supply these tools:

  • saw, drill, measuring tape and pencil. 

We include a video link to a build tutorial with each kit purchase. The cool thing is once you have the Chariot, you'll be set for any future moves. Don't be surprised if friends or family want to borrow it!

NOTE: Due to the special nature of the chariot kit, it is non-returnable.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Harry Wilson
Outdoor use only

While this is great for getting grill out of the back of a pickup or to move it to backyard through a side gate, it does not work trying to negotiate an average size entry door (that is 36” in width) just doesn’t fit, so make sure you measure your patio door or door leading to backyard before purchasing this.
I do not regret purchasing this even though I couldn’t use it because I looked at it as being the same thing as car insurance, better to have it and not need it, than to not have it, then regret it.

D Weeks
Great service and great product - Chariot Grill Mover.

I ordered a chariot for my big joe 3 to help move from garage to deck with narrow staircase. Movers wanted a $1K to do it. I was able to do it for $70! and CGS did special overnight shipping for me.

Thanks CGS more orders coming.

Ali W
Worked beautifully.

Having to still purchase 2x4s seems silly but I get it. It would cost more to ship them than to buy at Home Depot for $10. Plus they’ll cut a 10’ piece in half and you’re good to go. CGS gives you all the hardware you’ll need so really you just need a drill. Followed the video and we were able to easily carry our Big Joe III from the garage all the way around our home the long way with no issues at all. Well worth the purchase plus you’ll have this available for future use if needed. Great purchase!

Worked perfectly

Took about an hour to assemble the chariot and unpack/remove extra weight from the grill and about 30 seconds for my neighbor and I to move the Big Joe III from the delivery skid in the garage to the patio one floor below and seated in the cart. Felt completely secure the entire time, no issues going down stairs. Would never have been able to manage this otherwise without a lot more people and risk - highly recommended.

Don Mueller
Chariot ceramic Grill mover

This is the answer to moving you heavy ceramic grill without much difficulty. I had looked for other solutions to lift and place my Kamado Big Joe III in a custom cart but was coming up short. This simple design cradles the ceramic grill and allows you to move it with confidence. 2 or 4 people are needed depending on the weight but it makes an otherwise difficult job very manageable. Well worth the purchase price to get the job done with the confidence that you won't drop or break a very expensive grill.