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You no longer have to wonder what it means to grill with convection, conduction or infrared heat. The folks at GrillGrates have worked through all the science for you. Now, it's as easy as popping open a cold one, firing up the grill; loading up the cook and watching the magic happen on GrillGrates.

What makes GrillGrates so good are the hard anodized aluminum panels with conforming raised rails and multi-concentric holes. The panels effectively control flare ups, transfer heat evenly, vaporize drippings and produce steakhouse quality sear marks. The end result is always flavorful and moist.

Another GrillGrate secret is they are fabricated using hard Anodized Aluminum. It's two times harder than Stainless Steel. And being Aluminum, GrillGrates will season with use and never rust.

Each GrillGrate panel is 5.25" wide. They typically come in multi-panel packs, 2-4 panels per box. Length and number of panels is dependent on your grill. The GrillGrates panels quickly interlock, so adding more panels is a breeze. You can also take them apart for easy clean-up and storage. 

When it comes to GrillGrates, the seasoned pros on the ribeye cook-off circuit will quietly confirm......

....You're at a distinct disadvantage, if you're not grilling on GrillGrates!....

GrillGrates for Charcoal, Gas, Pellet, Ceramic or Camp Fire Grills

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