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XL Adjustable Rig 2 Grid Combo - XL BGE

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This Combo is for the XL Big Green EGG®

The XL Adjustable Rig 2 Grid Combo provides additional cooking capability - more grid space and placement options. The Combo is typically purchased as an addition to EGG's ConvEGGtor® or CGS' Woo Ring. You have two selections to make.

First Selection - What's included:

    • XL Adjustable Rig & Pair Crossbars - For multi-grid cooks, the XL Rig sits on top of CGS' XL Woo Ring or EGG's ConvEGGtor. For single grid cooks, the Rig sits directly on the fire ring. The Rig Crossbars hold grids, stones and pans at the various levels inside the Rig.
    • XL Slide Guide w/ Crossbar sits on the Rig's two lowest settings and makes it easy to slide the 16"x20" Oval Grid in and out of the Rig. The Slide Guide can hold ceramic stones and pans too.
    • 16"x20" Oval Stainless Grid sits on the Crossbars or Slide Guide. The Oval Grid can sit on top of the Rig too.
    • 20" Round Stainless Grid sits on top of the Rig.

Second Selection - Recommended Accessories:

  • On one and some two grid cooks, the 18" Half Stones can replace the ConvEGGtor. Using Half Stones on the XL Rig improves airflow, as the stones are above the fire ring. Depending on Stone Placement, you will have direct lump access to add smoking wood or check the fire. These are the same Half Stones used on the XL Woo. Get these Half Stones to replicate the brisket video cook, shown below.
  • Best option is adding the 18" Drip Pan and the 18" Half Stones. It is best, as the Pan catches drippings, protects the ceramic stones and keeps the EGG clean. Foil the Drip Pan for easy clean up. The Stainless Pan is reusable.
  • No Additions keeps the XL Adj. Rig 2 Grid Combo as-is.

Adding the XL Adjustable Rig 2 Grid Combo is a fantastic way to do more with the ConvEGGtor or XL Woo.

If your XL Big Green EGG is new or only a couple years old, you can skip this part.

Important Older XL EGGs:  If your Egg is 2012 or older, you need to verify that the XL Rig will work with the ConvEGGtor in your XL. See below to check!

From 2008 to 2012, the XL EGG went through several improvements. If your grill is older, we recommend you take the measurements outlined below to confirm the XL Adjustable Rig and XL Woo Ring will fit your older EGG.

XL Woo Ring: To make sure the XL Woo Ring fits, measure from the top of the fire ring to the felt line. The measurement needs to be at least 3". See picture below left.

XL Adjustable Rig: For the XL Adjustable Rig to work in tandem with the XL Woo or EGG ConvEGGtor, the measurement from grid to daisy wheel needs to be at least 16". Follow the three steps and see picture below right.

  • set the XL Big Green EGG cooking grid on the fire ring and close the dome;
  • slide a tape through the daisy wheel until it hits the grid;
  • take the measurement at the daisy wheel. It needs to be at least 16".

Working the low and high grilling positions.......

Pop the 20" Half Grid atop the Rig and you have a nice staging platform above the Woo, ConvEGGtor or XL grid. Slide the 18" Half Stone in and out for more capability. Watch the quick video.

Multi-Grid BBQ Cooks

The Combo works with Big Green Egg's ConvEGGtor® and CGS' XL Woo Ring for multi-grid, low & slow, BBQ cooks. Note, the XL Woo needs CGS' Pair 18" Half Ceramic Stones to create the indirect set-up. Typically, the XL Grid sits on the Woo or ConvEGGtor and is used as the lower grid. The upper grid(s) can be either the 16x20 Oval inside and/or 20 Round on top the Rig. Set the upper grid(s) to meet your cook requirements - skinny ribs to fat pork shoulders.


At 6" tall, the XL Rig provides plenty of headroom for big meat cooks. It's not a problem doing briskets, pork shoulders or brisket & pork shoulders.

Having the ability to use either the 20 on top or 16x20 Grid inside the Rig is a definite plus when it comes to varied BBQ cooks.


You can go 3 grids to smoke nine full racks of babyback or St. Louis style ribs flat. We've found keeping the ribs full and flat on a grid is key should you want to foil or sauce them.

We do not know of any other Kamado grill that can do 9 full racks, keep them flat on grids and provide straight access to all nine.

Grilling Raised Grid

Using the XL Rig and 20” Grid is one of our preferred set-ups for grilling high in the XL. At 6" tall, the Rig puts the 20" Grid up in the dome. Grilling higher, you will enjoy a wider (higher) range of temperatures with less chance of burning something. Great for chicken and sausages, cooks you want to grill direct but not worry so much on burning or busting a casing.

The Rig and 20" Grid set-up provides direct lump access to quickly add smoking wood or manage the fire - no grids to work around or move, a handy bonus.

Best Single Grid BBQ set-up Going....any kamado

If you have CGS' Pair 18" Half Stones and 18" Stainless Drip Pan, you can duplicate the brisket cook in the video. It will not take long for this set-up to be your favorite when BBQing on one grid. No grill matches it for convenience and performance - it's that good!.

The set-up yields better airflow, provides easy access to the lump and produces more consistent temperatures over the grid. What XL EGG owners love about this set-up is you don't have to touch anything to manage fire or smoke.


Atop the Rig is the best spot for pizza, Again, we push the pizza high in the dome. With thin crust pizza, we do not use a blocking stone. Instead we use the Rig height to better control temperatures in and around the pizza stone. With thick crust pizza, we use a blocking stone as this cook is more about baking dough than grilling toppings. With the Rig's multiple settings, you have plenty of options on how to space the blocking and pizza stones. Yes, you can go two pizzas, but we need to say, only recommended for the most experienced XL EGG users. If you have the XL Woo, use it with the Rig to push the pizza stone even higher, as pictured.

Quick video on how to use Grids on the XL Rig.

Other popular XL accessories to expand your talents.......

18" Drip Stainless Drip Pan matches nicely with our 18" Round Ceramic Stone. Foil the Pan for easy clean up. Use a pan to keep moisture out of the Stone. Pan keeps the grill clean for the next cook.

If you have young kids or tend to misplace things, get an extra set of Crossbars. We know this one from experience!

If you need the 18" Half or Full Stone, you can grab it here.

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Specs for the XL Adjustable Rig

  • The XL Rig can sit: (check the "Important" tab)
    • directly on the fire ring;
    • atop the XL Woo with handles;
    • atop the XL Woo/XL EGG grid, or
    • atop the XL ConvEGGtor/XL grid.
  • XL Rig's overall height is 6 inches.
  • Top ring diameter is 19.25" OD and the bottom ring diameter is 23" OD. +/- 3/32"
  • The notch settings in the 4 vertical brackets are are: 1.5", 3.0", 4.0" and 4.75" above the fire ring.
  • The Crossbars or Slide Guide sit in the notches and hold a grid, stone, pan and such.
  • Opening between the front two brackets is approximately 16.5", wide enough for 3 racks of babyback or St. Louis ribs.
  • Fabricated using Stainless 5/16" round bar and 3/16" plate.
  • The 16"x20" Oval Stainless Grid is designed to slide in/out and sit atop the XL Rig.
  • The 20" Round Stainless Grid is designed to sit atop the XL Rig.
  • One pair of Crossbars is included. Crossbars are fabricated from 1/4" Stainless round bar.
  • XL Adjustable Rig is fabricated in-house by Ceramic Grill Store, USA product.

Specs for the XL Slide Guide with Crossbar

  • XL Slide Guide fits the bottom two bracket notches and aids in sliding items in and out of the XL Rig.
  • Fabricated using 1/8"x1/2" Stainless flat stock and 1/4" Stainless round bar.
  • The XL Slide Guide is fabricated in-house by Ceramic Grill Store, USA product.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
J Madison T Felder
Best on the Market

Simply put, nothing matches the versatility of the Adjustable Rig. By creatively pairing the Rig with other accessories, you can (1) cook "raised direct" (sort of like a Santa Maria style grill or like a drum smoker) at multiple different heights from the coals, (2) cook indirect higher in the dome and without the platesetter, allowing direct access to add more smoking chunks or stir the coals (try that on any other product in the market!), and (3) when needed, absolutely max out the capacity of your smoker.

The hardware is extremely high quality and will outlive me.

And most importantly, the customer service is top notch. Tom walked me through everything on the phone and answered my many follow-up questions by email. Count me as a very satisfied customer and a lifelong fan!

Kudos to Tom and his whole team for everything they do.


Works great. Good quality!

Terri Carlee
Awesome Christmas Present

My son-in-law has a Big Green Egg and the large Big Green Egg. He mentioned needing this item to be able to cook several different things at the same time. He was very surprised when he opened this Christmas present!! He used it as soon as it was opened and could not stop thanking me and talking about it!!

Derek Martin
Woo ring and multi level grid

Fits XL BGE perfectly. Have made some kabobs that came out perfectly with just the top level in. Can’t wait to make a bunch of ribs soon!!

Well engineered and well made!

lee grieshaber

Really nice and well made glad it’s not The Chinese junk. You get what ya pay for you its not cheap but it will last a long time thanks again. No complaints here