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Recommended for the Big Joe 1 & 2 with the Multi-piece firebox and Divide & Conquer.

This Combo rocks the Big Joe. You'll love the added capabilities and conveniences! 

  • Add a half grid above the Divide & Conquer system when grilling;
  • Add a second grid for big low & slow, smoking BBQ cooks;
  • Elevate the pizza stone high in the dome;
  • Elevate a grid for easy lump access;
  • Enjoy quick access to the lump on single grid low & slow, smoking BBQ cooks.

Please note: These configurations are set with the Big Joe's multi-piece firebox (MPF). There can be some limitations when used with the original fire box and fire ring.

What's in the Combo:
  1. XL Adjustable Rig w/ Pair Crossbars is the multi-level rack that sits atop the Divided & Conquer system or directly on the Big Joe's MPF firebox. The Rig Crossbars hold the 16"x20" Oval Stainless Grid or Big Joe ceramic stones inside the Rig.
  2. 16"x20" Oval Stainless Grid is a cooking grid that fits inside or atop the Rig. You can move the Oval Grid up or down depending on the cook.
  3. 20" Half Stainless Grid is a cooking grid that sits atop the Rig. The Half Grid adds a second (upper) grid to the Divide and Conquer system.
  4. Pair of Brackets to hold the Rig atop the Divide and Conquer rack when the Half Grids are not under the Rig.

* The Big Joe Half Grids do not sit atop the XL Rig.

Other Cool XL Rig Accessories
Add these Bundles, if you're looking to max-out on grids, set a half stone under the 20" Half Grid or bake/grill pizza. 

It's possible to add a BJ Half Stone under the 20" Half Grid sitting atop the Rig. It's the ideal way to knock down the direct heat and create a slow cook or holding area over the top grid. All you need is our XL Expander Half Stone Hanger - XLBJ. The hanger holds the Big Joe Half Stone.

The XL Rig and 20" Half Grid pictured come with the Rig Oval/2 Grid Combo. Here is how it sets-up.

This Bundle adds the XL Slide Guide w/ Crossbar, 16"x20" Oval and/or 20" Round Stainless grid(s) to the Combo. Now with the Divide & Conquer system, you can have up to three grids - big cooks......

The 16"x20" Oval is the most popular choice as it let's you swap grid positions with the Combo's 16"x20" Oval. The 20" Round provides a little more grid area for cooks atop the XL Rig:

  • XL Slide Guide w/ Crossbar supports the Oval Grid as it slides in and out of the Rig.
  • 20" Round Stainless Grid sits atop the Rig or
  • 16"x20" Oval Stainless Grid sits atop or inside the Rig.

Pick up both Grids and save 15% on the Bundle!.  

Select your Grid(s)

  • 16"x20" Oval SS Grid
  • XL Slide Guide
Sold out
  • 20" Round SS Grid
  • XL Slide Guide
Sold out
  • Both, 16"x20" & 20" Grids
  • XL Slide Guide
Sold out

Use the Combo to push the pizza stone high in the dome. We recommend our 15" Round Ceramic Stone for pizza. 15 is about as big as most folks can handle when it comes to making, moving or serving pizza. Grilling/baking pizza up in the dome provides three benefits:

  1. Use the rolling heat in the dome to cook the top side of the pizza;
  2. Create better spacing between the fire, deflecting stone and pizza stone;
  3. go two pizza stones.

The 2 - 15" Stone set-up requires the XL Slide Guide and 16"x20" Oval Grid Bundle. This way you can rotate the 15" stones to manage even baking. Just rotate the Oval Grids - no need to handle the hot stones.

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