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Small Big Green EGG Ceramic Stone Recommendations

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Heat Deflector and Pizza Stone Recommendations - Small Big Green EGG

Wondering what ceramic stone to use for pizza or with CGS and EGG accessories? Here's a quick table that outlines your best stone options. For accessories with multiple choices, the best choice(s) is highlighted in red. 

Red is Recommended.
Small Big Green EGG
Stone Size
Pizza Stone, CGS & EGG Accessories
Small EGG
  10" CGS
  12" EGG
Pizza (10-F), (12-F)
CGS Small 3 or 4 Leg Spider (10-F)
CGS Small Woo Ring (10-F)
Pizza Stone atop EGG's ConvEGGtor (10/12-F)
H = Half Stone, P = Pair Half Stones, F = Full Round Stone,
Red is Recommended

How to use the table: 

  • The left column lists the recommended stones for the Small EGG. The right column lists the accessory and recommended stone sizes and shapes for the accessory.
  • The best recommendation is highlighted in red. If multiple best options, pick the one that will give you the most bang for your buck!
H = Half Stone
P = Pair Half Stones F = Full Round Stone 


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