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Mini Woo fits the Mini Big Green EGG®

New design for 2020 -  create more flexibility with your mini!

The Mini Woo Ring fits the Mini Big Green EGG with 10" diameter Stainless cooking grid. We recommend measuring your grid, as Big Green EGG offered several different grid sizes over the years. Call us, if you need the 10" grid. 

The Mini Woo's design includes a rectangular base and two half moon rings. The rings are open ended, so the Mini's 10" grid will sit flush on the rings.

The Mini Woo is fabricated from 1/4" diameter 304 Stainless Steel. The overall height is approximately 1.3". We fabricate them in our shop - Made in the USA.

mini woo ring in mini egg

As pictured below, the Mini Woo's rectangular base sits on the flat, top section of the fire ring. The Woo does not sit in the four notches atop the fire ring. 

Note: Handles can't be added to the Mini Woo. 

mini woo with grid in mini egg

You can add a ceramic stone under the grid. For round, an 8" diameter stone is about the max size. In-house, we rough cut an 8 sided stone, pictured below. The stone sits atop the rectangular base, slightly above the fire ring.

As a side note, we really dig the Carrier for the Mini Big Green EGG, Give us a call if you like to order it.  

Big Green EGG no longer makes a cast iron grid for the Mini EGG.

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