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Medium EGG, Raised Grid Expander & Half Moon Heat Deflectors - CGS Woo

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$49.99 - $109.97
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[ST] Frequently Bought Together
[ST] Frequently Bought Together

Set the cooking grid near the felt line. Half Moon Deflectors add more options. Handles for easy in and out.

Note: This Woo Ring fits the Medium Big Green EGG. It does not fit other manufacturers' grills.

Option to Remove Handles: If you would like the Woo without Handles, just check the "Yes" box under 'Please Remove the Handles'. 


  • The Medium Woo ONLY fits the current 16-inch (15.75-inch actual) diameter Medium Big Green EGG cooking grid. If you have the older 15-inch grid, you will need to upgrade. EGG no longer offers the 15-inch grid. 
  • The Handles need to be removed to use Big Green EGG's Medium Cast Iron Grid atop the Woo. Note, we do not recommend raising cast iron grids or griddles, as it pushes the cast iron away from the heat it needs to impart the grill marks. Cast iron is best used close to the fire.
  • Egg's ConvEGGtor does not fit the Medium Woo. Folks prefer the Half Moon Deflectors, as they provide more options and are easier to handle.

The Woo raises the cooking grid near the felt line for grilling on a raised grid. Drop in the Woo, add the cooking grid and start grilling - it is that easy! 

The Woo elevates the Half Moon Deflector Stone(s) above the fire ring. This improves four key features over EGG's ConvEGGtor®.

  1. Use a bigger Half Moon Deflector for wider indirect coverage on BBQ, smoking cooks:  13-inch Half Stones/14-inch Stainless Drip Pan vs. EGG's smaller ConvEGGtor.
  2. Gain better airflow through the EGG by elevating the bigger Half Stone Deflectors above the fire ring. 
  3. Create two zone grilling with one Half Stone Deflector.
  4. Heat Deflectors set on the Woo - makes for easy in and out using Woo with Handles.

For two zones, use either a 13 or 15-inch Half Stone directly under the grid. 15-inch Half Stone provides the greatest half grid coverage. Two 13-inch Half Stones can be used for a full indirect set-up too. Please Note: a full 15-inch round or two 15-inch Half Stones do not fit the Medium Woo.

Which Woo to Order: We make Woo's to fit the three most common Medium Big Green EGG fire ring configurations: smooth top, 3 ConvEGGtor notches and 5 shallow dimples. Please check your EGG's fire ring before ordering. Feel free to call us if you need assistance.

  • Smooth top surface on fire ring (current) - 3 Leg Woo,
  • 3 convEGGtor notches on top of fire ring - 3 Leg Woo, 
  • 5 shallow dimples on top of fire ring (old original) - 5 Leg Woo. 

The Woo's are fabricated by us in our wire fabrication shop. The material is 1/4-inch Stainless Steel and Tig welded for added strength. Made in the USA by CGS.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews

The woo with ceramic half stone deflectors and drip pan offer added versatility to the cooking experience on the medium BGE. Happy with my purchase from CGS and that they offer additional upgrade options for the medium BGE.

Brian Lacy
Great product

This product is very well designed and appears to be made from high spec material. The craftsmanship is impressive and the price is right. Service from the Ceramic Grill Store is outstanding. Thank you!

Jay Rieckmann
Great Purchase

Bought the Woo w/ stone and pan for my medium egg. Haven't used the stone yet, but immediately appreciate being able to cook with the grate raised to the felt line in the egg! Can't wait to try out the new stone and pan on my next indirect cook. Quality products and great customer service!

Kenneth Stocks
Woo Ring

I purchased the woo ring for my medium green egg and I love it. Very good purchase
Will diffently be purxhase other items from ceramic grill store

Alan Zerbini
Very satisfied

Love the woo ring with half moon setup. Great quality, perfect fit, and adds the versatility to my BGE that was looking for.