Kamado Joe Ceramic Chicken Stand, KJ-CS 02081

Kamado Joe®

Kamado Joe

Kamado Joe®


Ceramic Chicken Stand for all Kamado Grills 

  • KJ-CS Kamado Joe Ceramic Chicken Stand, 852264002081

The Kamado Joe Chicken Stand lets you make tender whole chicken on your grill. Simply fill the stand with the liquid of your choice (beer, marinade, juice, etc.), set a whole chicken onto the stand and place on your Kamado Joe. The steam from the liquid makes the meat moist.

Prep Instructions: Remove giblets package from whole chicken and trim off any excess skin, wash chicken and pat dry outside with paper towel, add your favorite dry rub to the skin and/or between the meat and skin, use the legs of the chicken to balance it on the Kamado Joe Chicken Stand.

Universal Stand - works with most grills, Not recommended for turkeys. 

Each box contains one Kamado Joe Ceramic Chicken Stand

Manufactured by Kamado Joe.