Kamado Joe Ceramic Feet, Built-in or Table Applications

Kamado Joe®

Kamado Joe

Kamado Joe®


Ceramic Feet for Kamado Joe Built-in or Table Applications KJ-CFR

  • Kamado Joe Classic - 3 Feet
  • Kamado Joe Big Joe - 4 Feet

If your Kamado Joe is going on/over a wood surface or in a built-in application, the grill must be placed on these ceramic feet. The feet elevate the Kamado Joe, allowing air movement directly under the grill. Air movement helps dissipate the heat.

On the Kamado Joe Classic space 2 feet in the back and one in front. With the Kamado Joe Big Joe, 2 feet go in front and 2 feet go in back.  Space them appropriately so the grill does not rock when opening/closing the dome.   

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