Grilla Kong Ceramic Grill Spider - 24 Inch Kamado Grill

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Designed to fit the 2016, 24" Kong Ceramic Grill by Grilla Grills. 

The Grilla Kong Spider creates a platform 2" inside the fire bowl.  The Spider sits in the fire bowl's three notches.  Use the platform to hold:   

-  (2) 16" Half Stones and 16" Stainless Round Drip Pan.
-  16" Half Stone to create a dual temperature zone on grid(s) above.
-  14" - 16" cast iron grid (BGE model 15CI) to sear close to the lump;
-  16" wok for Asian flair, Spider can be set up or down. 

    Quick Specs:

    -  2" drop into the fire bowl, Spider down position in notches;
    -  1.75" elevation above the fire bowl, Spider up position with legs ato fire bowl;
    -  Fabricated with 1/4 inch 304 stainless steel. Leg welds are Tig welds for improved stability;
    -  Made in the USA by CGS.

      We recommend verifying the following measurements to insure the Grilla Kong Spider fits your Kong grill.  

      -  inside diameter of the grill across the top of the fire bowl is approximately 21.5 inches;
      -  inside diameter of the fire bowl along the top is approximately 18.25 inches.  
        See picture for more detail on the Grllla Kong Spider's dimensions.  All dimensions +/-  3/32".

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