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CGS Chariot - Ceramic Grill Mover

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The Chariot package includes 3 of the 4 key pieces to building your own chariot:

After delivering our first ceramic grill (years ago), we recognized one important thing: we needed to come up with an efficient way to move the grills. We tried numerous moving methods but it did not take long to recognize our chariot mover was/is the quickest and easiest way to move a kamado grill.

For the last couple years, we've offered the chariot to our in-store customers who did self installs. When they returned the chariot, we generally asked, how'd it go. The consistent response we heard was....the chariot made the job so easy.

  • two cut-to-form wood braces;
  • two threaded rods with nuts/washers;
  • screws to attach the braces to the arms.

You'll need to add the fourth key piece: two 2" x 4" wood arms. It's a quick trip to your local lumberyard for two 2"x 4"x 8' wood studs. We don't include the arms because shipping them cost more than buying them. 

Tools need to build the chariot: 

We include these tools in the Chariot kit:

  • bit to drill the pilot holes for the screws;
  • Phillips head screw bit for your drill to drive the screws;
  • spade bit to drill the holes for the threaded rod;

You need to supply these tools:

  • saw, drill, measuring tape and pencil. 

We include a video link to a build tutorial with each kit purchase. The cool thing is once you have the Chariot, you'll be set for any future moves. Don't be surprised if friends or family want to borrow it!

NOTE: Due to the special nature of the chariot kit, it is non-returnable.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Craig W.
Ceramic Grill Mover

I have a Kamado Joe Classic which was sitting snugly in my grill cart. I'm in the process of moving and the new owners were not interested in keeping my smoker (how crazy is that - lol) so I needed a way to extract the KJ and didn't know what to do. I, like others, came across the video created by Ceramic Grill Store on how to move a ceramic smoker and decided to purchase the mover tool. It arrived quickly and included all necessary parts (excluding the 2 x 4's which makes total sense). I was extremely impressed by the included drill bits which made the job that much easier. I assembled per the instructions and, with a friend, I was able to easily pull up and out my KJ. It was a life saver. I will say that on my 1st attempt, it seemed a little loose so we made a quick couple of turns of the bolts which tighten it up and did the trick.
With that said, I highly recommend purchasing the Ceramic Grill Mower. You won't be disappointed.

Coby M.
Buy it; it works and is easy. You won't regret it.

When I bought the table nest for my new grill, I was worried about how I was going to successfully get the KJ BJ3 from my garage to seated into the table without breaking it. I came across a video for the Chariot on YT and thought it was a great idea. For merely a convenience factor I bought it and after putting it together. I called a friend to help me move the grill from the garage to the backyard. It literally took us less than 5 minutes. I set up an end table next to the grill nest table and moved it from garage to the end table. Then repositioned grip and lifted from end table up onto the nest table. Repositioned grip again and set it down easily into the nest table hole on top of the trivet.
Don't think about "Can I make this myself for cheaper?" Buy it and you will have the tool you will need to move your Kamado grill without fear of dropping and breaking it at any time you need while you own the grill.
This is the real deal.

Bryan H.
Works good

The cradle works good but it sure feels sketchy. The cradle pieces are only held in by 4 screws in not so thick wood and hopefully you hit it dead center or the screws will split the cradle like mine did. Very sketchy carrying a Joe (I have the Series 3) with splitting boards but it worked. I’m going to use your pattern and increase the size of the wood to get a better bite with screws. It’s also pricey for what it is and should have built it my own.

Thanks for the review. The two curved braces are cut from 2x6 framing wood and the 8 screws are 3-inch, #10, exterior wood screws. The braces and screws are important but the threaded rods are the link that holds the Chariot tight against the kamado. The rods compress everything together. For increased stability, we place the Chariot under the much thicker ledge atop the base.

The Big Joe 3 is big, heavy and bulky. The 5/8-inch thick threaded rods will bend slightly but in order for the big Joe to fall out, the bolts and washers would have to fail or a 2x4 arm would have to break. We've had no reports of either happening. We used a chariot with a cracked brace on many moves before we finally fixed it.

I am not sure how you missed the center when attaching the braces to the arms. We give you a drill bit for pilot holes, video instructions and centering the braces on the 2x4 arms is not hard. I am not sure what you are gaining by adding thicker braces, as the rods are the key.

It's only pricey after you get the kamado where it belongs. You should listen to the calls we get from folks who wish they could have a do-over, use a chariot and avoid a tragic mistake. Tom

David P.
Did Everything It Was Advertised To Do!

I had the daunting task of moving my Big Joe III Ceramic Grill from the stand that came with it when purchased new to a grill cart that is much higher than the stand or cradle. The CGS Chariot worked perfectly!!! It took three of us to lift the Big Joe III without the internal parts, but the chariot held it steady and gave us the ability to lift it safely and place the grill in the pre-cut hole for the Kamado Joe (KJ) without damaging the KJ or the new grill cart top. It is a simple device that works well! It might take a person more than a few minutes to assemble it which isn't difficult to do. Like they say, measure twice and cut once prevents any problems. I highly recommend the CGS Chariot for anyone with a ceramic grill that needs to move for any reason.

Edgar S.
Chariot for Big Joe 2

Was very pleased with the chariot ceramic grill mover for my Big Joe 2. Instructions were very clear and easy to follow. Kit was packed with exactly what I needed except the 2 X 4 s which I picked up at Lowe's. I see why you don't include them in the chariot package, much easier to run to lumber store and get 2 X 4 than pay you guys to ship. Now I can move my Joe whenever I want.
Happy with the product.