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Big Joe kamado Joe - Kick Ash Basket Packages, KAB-BJ-SS

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KAB-BJ-SS Stainless Steel Kick Ash Basket

We prefer the Kick Ash Basket over the Kamado Joe basket for several reasons:

  • Kick Ash Basket has handle for easy lifting.
  • Important: Kick Ash Basket does not interfere with placing both half stones on the Divide and Conquer's lower ring. The hooks on the Kamado Joe basket prevent both stones from sitting on the Divide and Conquer's lowest level.
  • More adjustability using CGS's Basket Divider vs. Kamado Joe Divider.

Free Lump Rake Included 

  • Perfect for moving hot lump around the firebox
  • Ideal for breaking up large lump chunks
Fits Big Joe Kamado Joe I, II and III
  • 3 year warranty
  • Heavy duty stainless steel wire
  • Electropolished stainless steel
  • 12.5" Bottom Dia., 19.1" Top Dia. and 4.1" Depth
  • Overall height is 5.6" including handles
  • Use with or without your lower charcoal grate
  • Basket does not interfere with the Divide and Conquer Rack System or Adjustable Rig Packages.
Optional CGS Adjustable Divider, CGS-18BJ
  • All 1/4" Round Stainless Steel Rod;
  • Adjustable - Place in your basket to allow for 1/3 to 2/3 of your typical lump volume;
  • Uses: Lump Reduction, Indirect and Direct Grilling at the same time
big joe kick ash basket with ceramic grill store's basket divider center basket position big joe kick ash basket with ceramic grills store's basket divider offset in basket

Optional Kick Ash Can, KAC-BJ

The Kick Ash Can sits in the bottom of your Kamado Joe. In order to use the Can, you'll need to:
  • remove the lump grate that came with your Kamado Joe. 
  • remove the sliding ash tray assembly in Classic and Big Joe grills.
  • Use a Kick Ash or Kamado Joe Ash Basket.
How to Use: Place the Can in the bottom of your Kamado Joe. After each cook, shake the ash out of the basket, let it fall into the Can, remove the Can, dispose of the ash into a nonflammable container and return the Can to the Kamado Joe. Put the Basket back and you are ready to go. 

Important: To use the Can in Classic and Big Joe grills, you need to remove the sliding ash tray. In doing so, you are removing, eliminating, the face plate that affects airflow and minimizes the possibility for embers to blow out the open vent.  See picture:

      face plate on Kamado Joe's Sliding Ash Drawer assembly

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        Ronald E.A.

        Makes cleanup a snap !!