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15 Inch Ceramic Heat Deflectors, Pizza Stones - CGS

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Ceramic Grill Store 15" Full Round and Half Moon Ceramic Stones

Most common uses are a heat deflector or pizza stone.

  • Pizza Stone for grills or ovens with an 18" or larger cooking grid,
  • Large Big Green EGG - CGS Large Adjustable Rig Combos,
  • Large Big Green EGG - CGS Large Adjustable Rig Half Stone Hanger,
  • Large Big Green EGG - CGS PSWoo Expander, Requires 3 Leg Spider,
  • Large Big Green EGG - CGS Woo Expander, 3 or 5 Leg,
  • Large Big Green EGG - CGS Accessory Ring, Large Spider,
  • Classic Kamado Joe Divide and Conquer, See Note Below,
  • Classic Kamado Joe I & II - CGS Large Adjustable Rig,
  • Classic Kamado Joe I & II - CGS Large Adjustable Rig Half Stone Hanger,
  • Classic Kamado Joe - CGS Accessory Ring, Classic Spider,
  • Pit Boss/Louisiana Grills 22 - CGS Accessory Ring, Spider,
  • Primo Kamado Round - Primo Heat Deflector Rack,
  • Vision Grills - CGS Accessory Ring, Spider,
  • Vision Grills - CGS Expander, CGS Woo, not M or Cadet series,
  • Vision Grills - CGS Adjustable Rig Spider Combo.

Pizza Stone: Best pizza stone for most grills with an 18" - 22" diameter cooking grid. Makes a big pizza but is not to big to handle. This includes Large EGG, Classic Joe, Primo Round, Pit Boss 22, Most Vision Grills (check). 

Pair vs. Full: A pair will typically be your best choice as they are easier to move in/out of a rack system and provide more capability. Pairs can be used for pizza too. Check specific Flexible Cooking Systems (racks) to verify best use.

Important Deflector Protection: Check our 14" and 16" Stainless Drip Pans - perfect for protecting the deflector and keeping the grill clean on long, messy, barbeque cooks.

Large Big Green EGG: A Pair 15" Half-Moon Deflectors are cheaper than EGG's ConvEGGtor and offer more functionality when used with an Expander or Adjustable Rig.

Size: Approximate stone specifications are 15-1/8" diameter, 5/8" thickness and high heat, refractory ceramics. Stones can vary from 15" to 15-1/4" diameter.

Classic Joe: The 15" Deflectors must be used with the Divide & Conquer Accessory Rack, KJ-XR. Only Kamado Joe Deflectors (~15 actual) will fit the Divide & Conquer lowest ring position. Our Deflectors are a smidge to big to fit on the Divide & Conquer lower ring position.

Use: Best to set the stone in the grill as the grill comes to temperature to prevent thermal shock. Ceramic Stones absorb moisture like sponges, so protect the topside of the Stone with foil or drip pan.

Care: Do not oil or use dish detergents on the stone. Do not clean with high heat or in the dishwasher. To clean scrape debris off and heat at moderate temperatures. They will turn dark from absorbing smoke during cooks.

Ceramic Spacers: CGS Spacers provide two useful set-ups. (1) On pizza cooks, spacers can lift the pizza stone above the ConvEGGtor or heat deflector. (2) On barbeque cooks, spacers can lift the drip pan above the heat deflector.

CGS ceramic spacers lifting the pizza stone above the heat deflector in a MiniMax Big Green EGG Expander
CGS ceramic spacers lift a drip pan above a heat deflector in an xl big green egg expander.

Ceramic Heat Deflectors are fabricated specifically for CGS, Ceramic Grill Store.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews

Real cool. Works great

Deborah J.B.
Fantastic customer service!!

When I placed the order for the pizza stones (the half stones) I accidentally ordered 2 sets of 2 half stones. I was called so they could just double check if I wanted one set of 2 or 2 sets. I only wanted one set!! This phone call saved me money as well as time on the return!!
Thank you thank you!!
The quality of the products are also super!! 😊

Good Heat Deflector For Two Zone Cooking

I ordered a 1/2 heat deflector for my standard Kamado Joe grill and am pleased with it. Good quality for the price.

Mike W.
Nice addition for two zone cooking

Used these for a couple of steaks I cooked and liked the flexibility it provided. Only purchased one 1/2 moon and not sure I have the need for another, but wouldn't be surprised if I do find an application in the future.

Order was shipped very quickly and items were packaged very well. Look forward to doing business with Ceramic Grill in the future.

Pamela R.
Purchased as a Christmas gift

I purchased two half circle stones as a Christmas gift, so I cannot comment on the stones themselves, but I can verify that they came very well packed and protected.