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14.5" Heavy Duty Stainless Searing Grid - CGS

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This grid is what American manufacturing and grilling is all about - a beefy stainless grid for searing hot and fast. 

We built the 14.5" Grid to grill in tandem with a select number of our Spiders and Kamado Joe's Classic Divide & Conquer rack. The Grid is a Stainless alternative to cast iron when searing on the Spider, a grilling technique we've embraced for years. A big plus with Stainless is the grid maintenance is less demanding than cast iron. 


The Spider/Grid technique is a simple concept: drop the grilling area closer to the lump and higher searing temperatures. If you are a fan of the reverse sear method, going lower in the grill is a big plus as the transition from low to high temperatures is less dramatic. 

We designed the grid to be robust. It's all 304 Stainless Steel. The 17 crosswires are 5/16" diameter round bar. The outer ring and center support are 1/4" diameter round bar. The gap between crosswires is less than 1/2" wide. The Grid weighs approx. 5.5 lbs., making it heavier than many of the stock Kamado grids. As you can guess, the grid's diameter is 14.5". Add all the specs. together and you get one beefy grid. 

The 14.5" Heavy Duty Stainless Searing Grid is designed to fit:

  • Large Big Green Egg® Spiders;
  • KJoe Classic Divide & Conquer's lowest ring;
  • LG/Pit Boss 22 Spider;
  • Classic, Professional & Signature Series Vision™ Grills Spiders;
  • Classic Kamado Joe® Spider;

The 14.5 is Made in the USA using all 304 Stainless Steel. It won't deteriorate like cast iron or melt like aluminum. The 14.5 Grid is another CGS exclusive.

Our in-store customers are super impressed when first handling the 14.5 Grid. We know you will be too!

Customer Reviews

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Robert B.
Worth it

Well built, it should last longer than me or the grill. I bought it to use Kingsford charcoal in my Kamado Joe like I used to do in my Weber kettle.