13 Inch Half Ceramic Stone

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Ceramic Grill Store


The 13" Half Stone creates a half indirect, lower temperature area, across the grilling area. 13" Half Stone fits:

-  directly on a 14" or larger cooking grid;
-  Large Spider, all grills;
-  Large Adjustable Rig, all grills;
-  Large Woo Rings, all grills;
-  Large PSWoo Ring with Spider for Big Green Egg®
-  M Series Woo Ring for Vision™ Grills.

    Use one 13" Half Stone (with Spider) to set-up for a half indirect under the grilling surface.  Great for creating a holding area across the grid while grilling.  Best to set the stone while the cooker comes to temperature to prevent thermal shock.  Foil the top of the stone if placing food (other than dough) directly on the stone.

    Stone Specifications: 6.5" x 13" dia., 5/8" thickness and high refractory ceramics.

    Made specifically for CGS.