XL Adjustable Rig for XL Big Green Egg® is a multi-level platform for raised and indirect grilling and barbequeing.


The XL Adjustable Rig is designed to fit the XL Big Green Egg and Big Joe Kamado Joe ceramic grills. 

The only thing better than a big grill is a big grill with big options. We worked with the XL Big Green Egg® for over five years developing ways to expand its versatility. We started with the Woo, created the Flip Ring and now we hit on something really special with the XL Adjustable Rig.

In a few words, the XL Adjustable Rig (XL Rig) is a simple to use "multi-level" platform. The XL Rig can be combined with grids, stones, pans and such to grill, barbeque, bake (pizza) or Dutch oven on one or more levels. The XL Adjustable Rig is easy to set-up, will not hinder airflow, weighs less than five pounds and can live in your grill. 

post it note for helpful tipMany new XL Rig owners tell us, with the XL Rig in hand, they easily duplicate the set-ups on the XL Rig pages. Our best advice is use the XL Rig pages as a guide to prioritize your needs (what you cook most often). Then pick the XL Rig Combo in your grill's product pages that best matches those needs. Most Combos will do a majority of what folks normally cook. The balance of the specialty cooks can be done by adding an accessory or two when the need arises.  

How do I use the notches: From time to time, we refer to levels or settings on the XL Rig. Simply, these are the four notches on the brackets. The levels let us set-up at different heights in the grill using the Crossbars. For example, if we recommend putting a ceramic stone at the lowest level (notches), it is nothing more than setting the Crossbars in the notches and adding a stone on top. In the picture below, the Crossbar is in the second set of notches - level 2

xl rig bracket design and spacing of notches

What about the Crossbars: We use two "U" shaped Crossbars to support grids, stones, pans and such inside the XL Rig. The Crossbars slip into the notches on the four vertical brackets. The front Crossbar spans the two front brackets. The back Crossbar spans the back two brackets. It's as easy as dropping the Crossbars in the notches.

xl rig with crossbars on lower setting close up of crossbars on xl rig


important feature, function or fact Note: Check the Crossbar ends in the picture above right. The Crossbars need to rest over the XL Rig's lower ring as pictured. This will insure a level platform with the Crossbars.

One of the cool features of the XL Rig is the multiple ways it can be set-up in the XL size grills. Remember to check, "What fits my XL Egg or Big Joe" to insure the set-ups work in your grill.

The three common XL Rig placements are:

1. Sitting directly on the fire ring for direct or indirect cooks; Fits all XL Eggs and Big Joes;

xl rig sitting directly on the fire ring with the 20" round grid for raised, direct, grilling cooks.

2.  Sitting on top of the XL Woo for multi-grid or super raised grid cooks; Fits 2012 and new XL Eggs.

showing xl rig atop the xl woo ring with 3 grids set-up.

3. Sitting on top of the BGE ConvEGGtor®/platesetter for multi-grid or super raised grid cooks. Fits 2012 and new XL Eggs.

showing xl rig atop the xl platesetter with 3 grids set-up. 

Specifics on how to set-up for the various cooks are covered in the XL Adjustable Rig tab sections: grilling, low & slow, pizza and other set-ups.

Whether, you are new to ceramic cooking or an experienced veteran, we truly recommend you purchase one of the Combo packages. The Combo Packs are designed to make shopping easy, as they match the pieces together. Many customers have reported back to us that the Rig is their "go-to" set-up platform given the wide variety of available accessories. For most, it's the only platform they need.