Woo Ring for the XL Big Green Egg® - Grilling

High Temp & Raised Grid Grilling with the XL Woo Ring


Grilling Inside The Fire Ring 

The XL Woo's lower ring drops 1.25" to 2" into the fire ring and creates a platform to sear. blacken or wok near the fire.  By dropping closer to the lump, you get the same char results but with lower temperatures than if searing on top of the fire ring.  When the desired char is obtained, you move the steaks up to a raised grid or over to a cooler side of the grill and roast the steaks to the desired doneness.

Searing can be accomplished using Big Green Egg's® 15" or 18" cast iron grid.  The 18" CI Grid is a good match to the inside diameter of the the fire ring.  The 15" CI grid is a good alternative if you typically do 6 or fewer steaks.  

XL Woo with 15" big green egg cast iron grid on the woo's lower ring

xl woo with big green egg 18" cast iron grid on woo's lower ring


Blackening is possible using Lodge's APD3 & our Ang-L Brackets.  The Ang-L Brackets partition the firebox for a controlled burn. 

xl woo with ang-l brackets underneath partitioning the lump to back side of the xl big green egg

xl woo holding Lodge's griddle and ang-l brackets holding back the lump in xl big green egg


grilling burgers and brats on the xl woo in xl big green egg

 finish grilling ribeyes with griddle on xl woo's lower ring

Using pieces smaller than 14" requires a grid under the piece.  We recommend our 13"x17" Oval Stainless Grid.

xl woo set-up with oval grid and skillet on lower ring in xl big green egg

chunk of wood smoldering on the cast iron grid


 Add a piece of your favorite wood on the hot searing grid for smoke.  This keeps the wood from direct contact with the lump, so the wood slowly smolders.

Grilling at the Felt Line

The XL Woo puts the 24" egg® grid just below the felt line.  Both, the Big Green Egg® half and full XL grids fit atop the XL Woo.  With the 24" egg® grid above the fire ring, more of the grid is available for grilling.  Plus, handling tongs or turners is much easier. 

The set-up is quick: drop the XL Woo on the fire ring and set the XL grid atop the Woo.  The Woo's top ring slips between the grid's outer band and center support crosswires, keeping it properly positioned.

xl woo holding 24" xl grid in the xl big green egg, direct cook at the felt line showing how the xl woo's upper ring slips inside the xl grid's outer ring


If the grill is running hot or you need to slow the cook down, you can change to an indirect set-up with a half stone.  Pictured below is the 9"x19" Half Ceramic Stone.  The Half Stone can be set along the front, back or either side.  See below.

If the grill is creating hot spots across the grid, you can quickly spin the grid to minimize their affects.  To spin the grid, just slip tongs through the grid crosswires and turn, as pictured below.

xl woo with 19" half stone on the lower ring for half direct and half indirect set-up in an xl big green egg use tongs to spin the 24" xl grid atop the xl woo


XL Woo with the Ang-L or Lump Reducing Rings

With small grilling cooks, we recommend using either the Lump Reducing Ring(s) or Ang-L Brackets to manage the lump.  By controlling the lump burn you manage the heat pattern over the grid.  Checkout the Ang-L and Reducing Ring page for more info. 

lump reducing ring with lump under the xl woo in an xl big green egg ang-l brackets holding back the lump with xl woo in an xl big green egg


grilling fajita steak meat on xl woo's lower ring with big green egg 18" cast iron grid