Woo Ring for the XL Big Green Egg®

XL Woo Ring for the XL Big Green Egg®

Woo Ring for the XL Big Green Egg 

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The XL Woo (Woo) is the latest generation Woo Ring for the XL Big Green Egg®.  The XL Woo is easy to use - just set it on the fire ring.  The Woo's top ring raises the 24" XL Big Green Egg® grid near the felt line.  

 top view xl woo with xl stock grid in xl big green egg  side view xl woo with stock grid in xl big green egg

The Woo's lower ring provides a Spider-like platform inside the fire ring for searing, blackening or wokking near the fire.  Pictured below is the 18" cast iron grid for the Large egg (model 18CI) and the 19" carbon steel wok. 

18" cast iron grid on xl woo's lower ring in xl big green egg  19" wok on xl woo's lower ring in xl big green egg

  xl woo ring on xl big green egg's fire ring

With the Woo, it's all about simplicity and versatility.

Important Measurement: 

3" drop from felt line to fire ringYou need to take one quick measurement before ordering.  Measure the distance from the top of the fire ring to the felt rim on the base.  The measurement needs to be approximately 3".  The 3" drop is required to use the XL Woo Ring in the XL Big Green Egg®.    

Setting up indirect for Low & Slow (Barbeque) - One Grid

The XL Woo can be set-up for low and slow, BBQ, cooks.  All one needs is a ceramic stone on the lower ring.  We recommend the 17.5" Round Ceramic Stone.  Checkout our Ceramic Stone page to learn more about ceramic stones as indirect pieces.  

One Grid:

xl woo with 17.5" ceramic stone and xl stock grid

It's a quick set-up for low & slow, BBQ.  Set the XL Woo on the fire ring, add the stone, optional 18" Stainless Drip Pan and 24" XL grid.  That's it!

We recommend our 17.5" Round Ceramic Stone, pictured above.  We have it made in the USA specifically for the XL egg®.  Pictured below are comparisons on how the 17.5" Stone and 18" Stainless Drip Pan match up with Big Green Egg's® XL platesetter/ConveGGtor. 

comparing size of the 17.5" stone on the platesetter with the big green egg xl platesetter comparing the 17.5" stone and 18" drip pan with the xl big green egg platesetter


Using the XL Woo for Multiple Grid Cooks:

These are the big indirect cooks.   To the Woo one grid set-up outlined above, we add the XL Adjustable Rig.  With the ig, The set-up expands to two or three grids.

On the XL Rig, the grids are the 16"x20" Oval or 20" Round Stainless Grids.  The 16"x20" Oval fits inside the Rig or atop the Rig.  The 20" Round sits atop the Rig.

The set-ups work for either grilling or low & slow ( BBQ) cooks. 

xl woo and xl rig set-up indirect with 3 grids.  xl woo and xl rig set-up indirect with 3 grids in the xl big green egg


 We recommend using the XL Slide Guide to hold the middle, 16"x20" Oval Grid on the 3 grid set-up.  This way you can slide the Oval Grid in and out with ease.  

 three grids with 8 racks of ribs on xl woo and xl rig

Checkout the XL Adjustable Rig pages for more detail on multi-grid set-ups.

Wok - Asian Flare

You can use the Woo's lower ring to hold a wok.  We recommend the 16" or 19" wok.  Using the lump reducing rings under the wok is a great way to manage the lump burn while wokking.  

You'll need a good pair of welding gloves for handling the wok.  Check out our Wok Info Page, here.  Shop Woks, here.  

16" wok in the xl woo on the xl fire ring 19" wok on the xl woo in the xl big green egg


Basic design parameters on the XL Woo are:

  • The XL Woo sits atop the fire ring, in or out of the notches/dimples is your choice.
  • The XL Woo is fabricated with 5/16-inch, 304 stainless round bar.  No ceramic grill or accessory manufacturer uses this big of wire diameter on their XL accessories.
  • The tig welds are butt joint connections for added strength and clean look.
  • The upper ring is 23" outside diameter.  The lower ring is 14" outside diameter.
  • The XL Woo is fabricated in-house by Ceramic Grill Store.
The XL Woo Ring is built to take the punishment the XL dishes out.

    Please Read: 

    WARNING:  For self protection, anyone using the ceramic grill needs to understand the principals and preventive methods surrounding a Flashback, including Flashbacks from the lower slider vent, felt rim opening and/or top daisy wheel vent.  Please consult your ceramic grill manufacturer or retailer for Flashback details and preventative measures before attempting any cook in the ceramic grill, including cooks with or without the XL Spider, XL Woo, XL Adjustable Rig or any other accessory placed in the grill.  Keep children away from the grill, especially the lower slider opening, at all times.  

    Only remove the XL Woo or any grid, skillet, pan, griddle or other accessory in the grill when the grill has cooled to ambient temperatures.  Do not remove the XL Woo or other accessories stated herein during a high temperature (>300 degrees Fahrenheit) cook. The grill can Flashback. 

    The dome thermometer or remote temperature probes positioned above the fire ring are not an accurate measure of the temperature in the fire ring or firebox.  The temperatures in the fire ring and firebox can be much higher.  Lump burns in excess of 1000 degrees Fahrenheit.  Adequate hand protection is required when removing heated items from the grill.