MiniMax Woo Ring for the MiniMax Big Green Egg®

IMPORTANT:  Late 2015, Big Green Egg modified the MiniMax fire ring.  Before ordering, you need to take a couple measurements.  Measure the inside diameter of the fire ring across the top of the fire ring.   And, measure the drop from the base felt line to the top of the fire ring:

  • If your measurements are approximately 11.25" ID and 0.75" drop, then order the 075 Mini Max Woo.

  • If your measurements are approximately 11.875" ID and 1.50" drop, then order the 150 Mini Max Woo. 

The 11.875" and 1.50" is the up-to-date version.  Both Mini Max Woos function the same.  

top view of minimax woo sitting on a table side view of minimax woo sitting on a table

The MiniMax Woo is new for 2014 and designed to fit Big Green Egg's MiniMax grill with a 13" grid.  The Woo is an easy way to raise the Max’s grid approximately 1” above the felt line for raised grid, direct cooks.  The Woo can sit in or out of the platesetter notches.


MiniMax Woo in the Big Green Egg MiniMax grill

For an indirect set-up, add the 10" Round Ceramic Stone and optional 10" Stainless Drip Pan.  The indirect set-up is easy to manage and lifts out as one unit.  Foil the 10" Stainless Drip Pan for expanded coverage and easy clean up.

Minimax woo indirect set up with 10" ceramic stone and stainless drip pan top view  of indirect set-up with minimax woo, 10" ceramic stone and 10" stainless drip pan


The MiniMax Woo can work in tandem with the Big Green Egg® platesetter.  The platesetter slips under the top ring and rests on the Woo’s lower ring.  For some, it can be a bit of a challenge to slip the platesetter inside the Woo.

minimax woo with platesetter showing indirect set-up in the minimax big green egg indrect set-up in minimax big green egg with minimax woo and platesetter sitting up


With the Woo’s top ring above the felt line, it’s easy to lift the entire set-up out of the cooker without taking anything apart.  Slip your hands (with hand protection) under the Woo’s top ring and lift.     

The Mini Max Woo is fabricated with 304 grade Stainless Steel round bar.  The rings are 1/4” Stainless.  The legs are 3/16” Stainless on the 075 and 1/4" on the 150.  The MiniMax Woo is sold separately or add our 10" ceramic stone and Stainless Drip Pan.  Add a second 10" stone for pizza cooks.