Large Adjustable Rig w/ Spider for Vision™ Grills - Half Stone Set-Ups

How to use Half Stones on the Rig for two zone cooks


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We were one of the first to promote the benefits of using a half stone set-up in ceramic grills. The half stone is used to create two cooking zones when grilling.  The first zone is direct (no stone) with the heat rising straight up from the lump and over the grid above.  The second zone is indirect with the Half Stone knocking down the rising heat and producing a lower temperature over the grid above.  

The Half Stone set-up is handy when you need a holding or staging area during the cook.  The most common example is grilling steaks from rare to well done.  You can sear all the steaks together and use the half stone configuration to hold the rare steaks until the more well-done  steaks are ready. Another example is having the half stone under veggies on a raised grid.

We offer two sizes for half stones: 15" and 16".  15" fits the Spider.  The 16" will provide better coverage over a larger grid.


We offer the 15" half stones as a pair.  It's an economical solution for full (barbeque) and half stone configurations.

We'll stand behind this claim.  We'll put up our half stone and half grid capabilities against any ceramic grill manufacturer.   No other offers as much flexibility and capability as the Adjustable Rig w/ Spider.  When researching grill configurations, consider these questions: 

  • does the set-up put the half stone directly under the grid above;  
  • does the set-up properly space grids in order to use the lower grid effectively;  
  • does the set-up allow convenient access to the lower grid.

Read on to see how the Rig and Spider easily handle the key points above.  

We learned one key point from our decade plus experience with this type of set-up.  The half stone needs to be right under the grid.

If the stone is not directly under the grid, you are missing the true benefits of the set-up.  As little as three inches between stone and grid can make a huge difference on quality and performance.  With the Large Adjustable Rig, we have options on how to position a half stone right under a grid.

Option 1 uses our Half Stone Hanger with Crossbar to hold the half stone.  The cooking grid is our 9"x18" Stainless Half Grid.  The Hanger is a triangular wire form that hangs from the top of the Rig and holds the Half Stone.  The Crossbar supports the back-end of the Hanger.  This configuration positions the half stone less than one inch under the grid.  That is topside of the stone to topside of the grid.  The set-up goes together quickly.

Half Stone Hanger for the Rig Half Stone Hanger on Rig in Vision grill
Half Stone Hanger and Half Stone set-up on Rig in Vision grill Half Stone Hanger, half stone and half grid set-up in Vision Grill

Option 2 uses a Half Stone under a full grid.  The Rig Crossbars to hold the Half Stone.  Our 18" grid is atop the Rig.  The Vision™ grid with handles works too.  The only restriction is the Half Stone must be set to one side.

top view of half stone and grid on rig in vision grill half stone under full grid on rig in vision grill 


Option 3 is two grids:  Use the 16" Sliding D Grid or 13"x17" Oval Grid on the Rig's lower level and the half stone/grid set-up above.  The front portion of the grill is wide open, providing access to the lower grilling grid below.  This set-up is pictured below left. 

Pictured below right is a cast iron grid on the Spider.  It's a great set-up for searing steaks and having a warming/staging area above. 

half grid and half stone over full SS grid in vision grill half stone and grid on rig with 13 grid on spider in vision grill 


Option 4 is two grids but with the half stone under the bottom grid.  Below left, the half stone is on Rig Crossbars.  Below right, the half stone is on the Spider.  Lower grid can be the 13"17" Oval or 16" Sliding D Grid on the Rig Crossbars.  Upper grid is the 16" Sliding D Grid.

half stone under grid on rig in vision grill  half stone under grid with sliding d grid in vision grill

And last but not least, you can always use the half stone on the Rig Extender with a grid below, either on the Spider or Rig.

half stone on extender and ci grid on spider in vision girll foiled half stone on extender with full grid in rig inside vision grill