The Spider holds a grid, skillet or griddle close to the fire for high temp cooks. Add the Large Adjustable Rig or Woo and you have a fantastic combination for grilling that perfect steak.

Producing that perfect steak is a two stage process - sear & roast. The Spider provides the means to sear inside the fire ring/box. By searing closer to the lump, you get better char results but with lower temperatures than if searing on top of the fire ring/box.

Pictured below are a couple examples of cast iron grids atop the Spider. When you shop for Spider(s), the recommended grid size(s) will be listed in the Spider's product page.      

Spider down with 13" Big Green Egg cast iron grid

XL Spider with 18" cast iron grid from Big Green Egg


When the desired char is obtained on the meat, you can either rest the steaks or move them immediately up on a raised grid. The Woo Ring or Adjustable Rig are both suitable platforms to raise the grid. Up top, the searing process basically stops and the meat roasts to the desired doneness. Adding a ceramic stone, deflector, under the grid is optional. This two step process, sear then roast, is akin to a chef searing on a stove top and sliding the pan in the oven to finish.

We recommend keeping the lower searing grid in place while finishing the cook on the upper grid. Depending on the fire, a piece of your favorite wood can be dropped on the searing grid for smoke. This keeps the wood from direct contact with the lump, so the wood only smolders.

two pork tenderloins roasting after a sear

smoldering wood chunk on the cast iron grid on the spider


The reverse sear technique is possible, just reverse the steps. Roast the steaks on the Woo or Rig, then sear below with the Spider and grid. We suggest having the searing grid on the spider while roasting. This let's the grid heat up and quickens the cook.

We recommend using long tongs for handling food on the Spider/grid combo. Hand protection is also recommended. We offer 16" and 21" Tongs in our Cookware shopping section.

grilling scallops on cast iron grid atop spider

grilling scallops with crabs legs on rig

searing two thick ribeye steaks on spider and cast iron grid

roasting a tri tip on the rig after a sear

3 ribeyes roasting on woo ring after a sear

blackening salmon fillets with spider over lump reducing ring


post it note for helpful tipDo you have a cast iron grid and are frustrated having the reach into the grill to flip burgers and such. The Spider can help eliminate your frustration. In the up position, the Spider positions your grill's cast iron grid about halfway between the fire ring and felt line. It's a perfect way to get the grid up and still get the benefits of cast iron grilling. Note, we recommend a cast iron grid because the grid is totally flat. Grids with center support wires can wobble and not recommended for this tip. 

spider up position holding an 18 cast iron grid closer to felt line

inverted spider holding an 18" cast iron grid on fire ring out of the big green egg