Spider for the XL Big Green Egg® - Indirect Set-Ups

Indirect Set-Ups with the XL Spider

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Using the XL Spider is another way to set-up indirect with the XL Adjustable Rig.  The XL Spider holds our 17.5" Ceramic Stone and 18" Stainless Drip Pan to create an indirect set up.  

Important:  Unfortunately, we do not recommend using Big Green Egg®'s XL Stone on the XL Spider, as it is too big.

With the 17.5" Stone on the XL Spider, the air circulation is virtually unobstructed around the entire stone.  This is the best method we have found for uniform circulation.  You can fill the entire firebox and up to 1/3 of the fire ring with lump.

17.5" stone on spider creating an indirect set-up in the xl big green egg fire ring spider set-up indirect under the xl adjustable rig on the big green egg fire ring


Whenever possible, we recommend building a one grid set-up on the XL Rig.  Do not use the Spider. The Rig will give you the best configuration for air flow and grid placement.  It's the best set-up available for any ceramic grill, any manufacturer.