Spider for the Large Big Green Egg® - Wokking

Wokking with the Large Spider

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The Spider holds a 14" or 16" round bottom Wok.  Wokking can be a fun change of pace in ceramic cooking.  And, there is more than Asian foods to wok.  The 16" Wok is the recommended wok and pictured below.  For wokking, the Spider can sit above (up) or inside (down) the fire ring.

The preferred woks are made from thin carbon steel where the steel passes the heat quickly.  Cast iron is not a preferred wok metal, as it absorbs heat.  Before your first cook, wash the wok with soapy water to remove the packaging oils and then season it like you would cast iron.  There are a number of ways to season a wok. So we recommend Googling "season a wok" and picking the method that works best for you.

Wokking is a hot and fast cook, so the lump burn should be similar to a good steak fire.   The Spider can sit up or down.  To clean the wok after a cook, use a wok brush and water (similar to cleaning cast iron), then spray the bowl lightly with Pam or wipe with cooking oil.  Replace the wok in the grill and let the wok re-season as the grill cools down.  Remember, cooking oils are flammable, so do not spray or wipe inside the grill.

Spider with 16" wok in the large big green egg stir fry cook in 16" wok held by the spider in large big green egg
fajita veggie cook in 16" wok held by spider in big green egg shrimp scampi cook in 16" wok on spider in big green egg fire ring


Our favorite wok dish is Shrimp Scampi, loaded with butter and garlic!

We offer 14" & 16" Round Bottom Woks.   Our woks are imported from Asia.  To us, it just makes sense to offer woks from Asia.  

We prefer not to use the traditional metal wok spoons as they scratch off the seasoning, see wok picture above.  You'll also need a pair of welding gloves (we got 'em) to handle the hot wok.  We recommend a wok rack (got it too) to hold the wok outside the cooker.

Check out our wok info page to learn more. It can be found here.