Spider for the Large Big Green Egg® - Indirect Set-Ups

Low & Slow, BBQ Set-Ups with the Large Spider

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Using the Spider is another way to set-up indirect with the Large Adjustable Rig.  The Spider is designed to hold our 13" Round Ceramic Stone and 14" Round Stainless Drip Pan. Placing the Stone and Pan on the Spider creates an indirect set-up. 

(Important)  Since the inside diameter of the Big Green Egg® fire ring is less than 16", we strongly recommend limiting the indirect stone's diameter to 13 inches.  This 13" limitation insures proper airflow by maintaining at least a one inch gap between the stone's outer edge and the fire ring's inner wall.  We strongly recommend using a stone under any drip pan to prevent the pan from melting.  

Our stainless drip pans are tapered to provide maximum coverage with minimal impact on circulation.  Unfortunately, we do not recommend using Big Green Egg's, 14" pizza stone on the Spider, as it limits airflow.  More on the Large Adjustable Rig can be found here

Pictured below is our 13" Stone & Spider set-up in the fire ring.  You can see the air circulation is virtually unobstructed for 360° around the entire stone.  This 360° open pattern is our preferred set-up when using indirect pieces in or on the fire ring.  You can fill up to 1/3 of the fire ring with lump, so on very long cooks or when using fast burning lump, we recommend you monitor the lump to maintain fuel.

13 stone on spider in large big green egg 13 Stone and Drip Pan on Spider in large big green egg
Spider set up indirect under adjustable ring in large big green egg Brisket Flat cook using Spider and Adjustable Rig in large big green egg


When barbequing big meats on two grids, the Spider is used to create the indirect set-up.  This allows the two grids to be set up on Adjustable Rig.  For large cuts, pork butt or briskets, we recommend setting the 13"x17" Oval Grid on Rig's lower setting and the 18" grid atop the Rig.  This provides 4.5" of spacing between grids, enough room so the top and bottom meats don't touch.  For smaller cuts of meat, you have the option on using the other two Rig settings. 

spider and rig set-up with two grids on big green egg fire ring 4 pork butt cook with Spider adjustable Rig in large big green egg


15" Half Stone & Spider

15" Half Stone can be set on the Spider to create a direct and indirect set-up in the fire ring.  This works best with the cooking grid on the fire ring.  The 8"x16" Half Stone is too big for the large Egg's® fire ring.

spider with 15" half stone with 18" cast irong grid above on the fire ring spider with 15" half stone under 18" stock grid on big green egg fire ring