PSWoo Ring for the Large Big Green Egg®

PSWoo Ring

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In a nutshell, the PSWoo does two things very quickly and efficiently:
  1. quickly raises the stock grid or cast iron grid (model 18CI) to the egg's® felt line; and
  2. easily lifts the convEGGtor®/platesetter in and out of the egg® without handling the food, grid or convEGGtor®.
Ceramic Grill Store offers two models of PSWoo:
  • PSWoo (pictured left) works with the stock grid that came with your Big Green Egg®; and
  • PSWoo-CI (pictured right) works with either the stock grid or Big Green Egg's® cast iron grid (18CI).  CI denotes  cast iron grid.

The handles on the PSWoo and PSWoo-CI are different because the stock and cast iron grid designs are different.  

Best Accessory for the Large Big Green Egg ConvEGGtor Lift the Big Green Egg ConvEGGtor and cast iron grid as one
The PSWoo quickly and efficiently raises the Big Green Egg® grid to the felt line.  Simply set the PSWoo on the fire ring, slide the appropriate grid over the handles and start grilling at the felt line on a raised grid.
Or, slide the convEGGtor®/platesetter on the PSWoo's lower ring and start smoking, low and slow.  The PSWoo is the premier choice for managing a hot platesetter.
 Unlike all the other methods, with the PSWoo you do not have to handle the food or grid to remove the convEGGtor®/platesetter from the Large Big Green Egg®.  Everything lifts out as one unit.
We are excited to say: The PSWoo is patented.

PSWoo Features:

  • The PSWoo positions the 18" stainless stock grid near the felt line for direct grilling on a raised grid.  
pswoo ring holding the 18" stock grid in a large big green egg pswoo with grid at the felt line in a large big green egg


  •  If you are a fan of cast iron, then we recommend the PSWoo-CI as your choice.  The inverted "L" shape handles are designed to fit through the narrow slots of the BGE cast iron grid (model 18CI).   Please note, the stainless grid works with the PSWoo-CI too.     
pswoo-ci holidng an 18 cast iron grid on the large big green egg at the felt line side view pswoo-ci with 18 cast iron grid in large big green egg


  • The convEGGtor®/platesetter slips between the PSWoo's two rings from the side.  The ConvEGGtor®/platesetter legs are supported by the three small half loops on the lower ring.  It's pictured below.  The handles act as a stop, so you can't push the platesetter in too far.  Ceramic Grill Store's 14" and 16" Stainless Drip Pans are preferred to catch drippings and protect the platesetter.  Foil the pans for easy pan clean up.  
top view of pswoo-ci with platesetter and cast iron grid for large big green egg platesetter inverted to show how the platesetter legs rest on the three rings


  • The PSWoo handles make it easier to lift the entire set-up in and out of the cooker.  Every other platesetter lifter on the market requires you to lift the food and/or grid off before tackling the platesetter.  It's worth saying again........the entire set-up (woo, grid, platesetter & food) lifts in and out without taking anything off or apart.  With proper hand protection, simply slip your fingers under the handles and lift the PSWoo up and out.  You can grab the PSWoo-CI using your index and middle fingers.   
pswoo set-up with the platesetter and 18" stock grid in a large big green egg lifting a loaded pswoo out of a large big green egg


  • The PSWoo makes it easier to change between a direct and indirect cook with the platesetter.  There's no need to handle/remove the grid or food.   Simply, set the PSWoo on a solid surface and slide the platesetter in or out along the front side.  Make sure to wear proper hand protection if the platesetter is hot.  The top ring on the PSWoo holds the BGE Large grid, so the platesetter carries no weight.    
showing how to start sliding the platesetter out of the pswoo ring finish sliding the platesetter out of a pswoo
  •     PSWoo3 Update:  When we introduced the PSWoo, we offered a PSWoo3 where we welded the Spider to the bottom of the PSWoo2.   We no longer offer the PSWoo3 as most folks prefer to keep the PSWoo2 and Spider separate.  If you would like a PSWoo3, call us and we can hook you up.

PSWoo2 Extender:  

We offer two types of 2nd tier grid Extenders.  Which one depends on your PSWoo choice: stock grid (PSWoo) or cast iron grid (PSWoo-CI).  
  • PSWoo2 Extender works with the 18" grid that came with your grill.
  • PSWoo2-CI Extender works with BGE's large cast iron grid.

Both Extenders provide an elevated platform high in the dome to add a second grid, pizza stone or other accessory.   Since they are a PSWoo accessory, both work in tandem with the BGE platesetter.  The Extender height is our favorite height to grill butterfly (spatchcock) chicken and bake pizza.

The Large PSWoo Extender sits atop the PSWoo and the grill's 18" stock grid.  The Extender's height is approximately 3.5 inches above the felt line and 18" stock grid.  

  pswoo with extender and D grid in a large big green egg  

The Large PSWoo-CI Extender sits atop the PSWoo-CI and BGE’s 18” large, cast iron grid.  The Extender's height is approximately 4 inches above the felt line and 3.5” above the CI grid.

side view of the pswoo-ci with extender and D grid in a large big green egg

Both PSWoo Extenders work in tandem with our 16" Sliding D Grid.  The D Grid slides back and forth along the Extender for easy access to the lower grid.  The center support crossbar is a visual stop guide for sliding the D Grid.  Just close the dome to slide the D Grid forward, back over, the 18" grid.  Our 13x17 Oval Stainless Grid is not recommended for either PSWoo Extender.  The Extender and D Grid provide a second level above the BGE platesetter and grid, as shown below with the stock and cast iron grids.


The PSWoo Extender can hold our 15" or 16" Ceramic Stone for pizza/baking.  This is our favorite stone position for baking pizza.  We recommend our 15" or 16" stone, as these stones make big pizzas (Pappa Murphy's large) and overlap the Extender's legs. The top of the pizza benefits from the reflective/convective heating off the dome. The stone is high above the felt line, so it minimizes any chance of burning the felt gasket. The stone is far from the lump which helps produce a consistent heating through the stone.  Pictured below left is our 16" stone.  Pictured below right is our 13" stone.  14" stones and smaller will require the D Grid.

pswoo with extender and 16" ceramic stone set-up for pizza in large big green egg pswoo-ci set-up with extender, cast iron grid and 13" stone for pizza in large big green egg


Extender D Grid Set-Up (How to Use): Position the PSWoo so it opens towards you, like pictures above.  Slip the cooker's 18" grid over the PSWoo handles.  Set the Extender's open round ring on the grid, with open end toward you.  The open ring should be inside both side handles.  With the PSWoo (stock grid) the two short spokes on each side of the open ring rest on the outside edge of each handle.  With the PSWoo-CI, the flat tab on each side of the open ring slips between each set of "L" handles.  See below for examples.  The spokes/tabs keep the PSWoo Extender properly positioned on the grid.

demonstrating how the extender locks into the pswoo handles for large big green egg demonstrating how the pswoo-ci and extender connect together for large big green egg


Place the D grid on the Extender so the grid's flat section faces forward and the grid rails sit outside the Extender.  Push the D grid back so the front of the Grid is even with the Extender's center support.  To bring the D grid forward, just close the dome.   

The Extenders is fabricated using 1/4" 304 Stainless Steel with Tig welds.  The 16" D Grid is fabricated using 3/16" 304 EPQ Stainless.  The D Grid is electro-polished for improved surface performance.  Both are made in the USA exclusively by/for CGS.