Large Spider for Vision™ Grills - Wok Cooks

Large Spider for Vision™ Grills - Wok Cooks

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The Spider holds a 14" or 16" round bottom Wok.  Wokking can be a fun change of pace in ceramic cooking.  And, there is more than Asian foods to wok.  The 16" Wok is the recommended wok and pictured below.   For wokking, the Spider can sit above (up) or inside (down) the fire ring.  Spider up puts the wok higher for better access.  Spider down put is closer the lump for more heat.  Which position, up or down, is just personal preference.

The preferred woks are made from thin carbon steel where the steel passes heat quickly.  Cast iron is not a preferred wok metal, as it absorbs heat.  

To learn more about wok cooking in ceramic grills, see our Wok Info Page, here.

spider holding a 16" wok inside a kamado vision grill chicken wok cook using a spider in kamado vision grill
Wok fajita veggies on Spider in kamado vision grill wok shrimp scampi on Spider in kamado vision grill


Wok cooks above include fajita vegges and shrimp scampi.  So wokking can be more than Asian dishes!

We offer 14" & 16" Round Bottom Woks.  Our woks are imported from Asia.  To us, it just makes sense to offer woks from Asia.   You'll also need a pair of welding gloves to handle the hot wok.  We offer welding gloves on the site.