Large Spider for Vision™ Grills - Low & Slow Set-Ups

How to set-up the Spider for low & slow on the Vision™ Grill


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Use the Spider as the platform to set-up indirect for low & slow (barbeque) cooks in the Vision™ Grills.  The Spider holds our 13" or 15" Round Ceramic Stone with optional 14" Round Stainless Drip Pan. 

Barbeque is typically created using low cooking temperatures and slow cooking times.  For most low & slow cooks (ribs, brisket & butts), the cooking temperatures range from 225°F to 275° F.  The best way to recognize when a cook is done is by meat tenderness or internal temperature.  We recommend you shy away from using the "so many hours per pound" method to determine meat doneness.  Barbeque is just one of those lazy cooking methods that answers to the ole saying . . . "It's done when it's done!"

With ceramic cookers, the essential accessory to create mouth-watering barbeque is a heat diffuser or indirect piece.  A heat diffuser or indirect piece protects the underside of the food from burning during the extended cook times.  Using a heat diffuser or indirect piece in ceramic cooking is universally called an indirect set-up.

Our preferred indirect set-ups use ceramic stones.  To summarize why stones: They come in various sizes, lend themselves to multiple configurations, are durable, match the round shape of the cooker and have no legs to hinder airflow.  Lump can burn in excess of 1200° F, so it's important to use the proper heat diffuser.  Our stones are produced with high temperature cordierite formulas, have 5/8" minimum thickness and are made in the USA.

 We offer the 15" ceramic stones as a pair of half stones.  The pair is an economical solution for both indirect barbeque and half stone grilling cooks.

Depending on your primary needs, we recommend either the 13" or 15" Round Ceramic Stone.  The 15" Stone is a compact fit in fire ring.  The 13" Round is a more open fit in the fire ring.  The 15" provides more coverage for the big cooks.  For the 15" Stone, we recommend your fire bowl have a minimum 16.25" diameter across the top of the fire bowl.  Below left is the 13" Stone and below right is the 15" Stone on the Spider.

Spider holding the 13" ceramic stone in the kamado vision grill Spider holding a pair of 15" half stones in kamado vision grill


You can add our 14" Stainless Drip Pan to help collect dripping during the cook.  Collecting the drippings will make your next cook quicker as you don't have to burn off the crud.  14" Pan with the 13" Stone is on the left.  14" Pan with 15" Stone is on the right.  Foil the pan for easy pan clean up.  Also, use foil to extend coverage over the 15" Stone.

Spider holding the 13" stone and 14" drip pan in the kamado vision grill spider holding the 15" stone and 14" drip pan in the kamado vision grill


Here is the Vision main grid atop the indirect set-up.

Spider full indirect set-up in a kamado vision grill