Large Adjustable Rig w/ Spider for Vision™ Grills - Q&A

Quick answers to common questions and additional fabrication detail


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Can either of the Vision's™ cooking Grids be used with the Large Adjustable Rig?  Yes, the lower grid can be used atop the Rig but it needs to be set with the grid handles to each side.  It's not the best choice - our 18" (18.25") Round Stainless Grid is designed to fit the Rig.   The Vision™ upper cooking grid with legs does not fit the Rig. 

Why is the Spider attached to the Rig?  The Spider is welded to the Rig for two reasons.  First, the Spider helps keep the Rig centered on top of the firebox.  Second, there are no notches on top of the firebox to drop the Spider legs out of the Rig's way.    

What size objects fit inside the Adjustable Rig?  Any round object (ceramic stone, pan & grid) must have a diameter less than 16-3/4".  To slide between the front brackets, the object's width must be less than 13-1/8".

What do settings low, middle and upper?  These 3 settings correspond to the three notches that run vertically on the rig brackets. The settings measure the distance from the fire bowl to the notch.  The lowest setting is 1" above the fire bowl.  The middle setting is 2.5" above the fire bowl.  The upper setting is 4" above the fire bowl.  The top ring on the Rig is 5.5" above the fire bowl, approximately 1.5" above the felt line.  

Can the Adjustable Rig be set-up to create an indirect (platesetter like) configuration?  Yes, with the addition of either a 13", 15", 13"x17"Oval or a Half Ceramic Stone, the Adjustable Rig can be set-up to create an indirect smoking (barbeque) set-up.  We recommend the (2) 15" Round Ceramic Stones as your primary barbeque stone.

Can I use the Vision™ Lava stone with the Rig or Spider?  Yes, the Vision™ lava stone fits the Spider and Rig Crossbars. 

Where do I store the equipment?  We recommend you store the pieces in your grill on the Adjustable Rig. 

Do I need to clean the equipment?  Other than the cooking grids, there is no reason to spend time and energy cleaning the equipment.  Do not clean the ceramic stones with liquids or soap.  Dawn Power Dissolver works great on the Stainless grids.  Wrap drip pans in foil when using for easy clean up.

Can you put a cast iron grid atop the Rig?  We do not recommend putting the cast iron grid on the Rig's top ring, as there is nothing to hold it in place.

Can the Rig sit on the Vision™ grid?  No, The Spider prevents the Rig from sitting properly on the grid.