Large Adjustable Rig w/ Spider for Vision™ Grills - Introduction

adjustable rig with spider for kamado style Vision Grills


Quick run down on the Rig's key features (w/ Spider)


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The Large Adjustable Rig (Rig) is one of the first pieces we designed for our own use, over a decade ago.  Over the years, it has grown in popularity and we are excited to say - it's worldwide.  Many ceramic grill owners have reported that the Adjustable Rig is their "go to" platform and with the wide variety of Rig accessories, it's their only platform.    

In a few words, the Adjustable Rig is a simple to use “multi-level” platform.  The Rig can be combined with grids, stones, pans and such to grill, barbeque, bake (pizza) or Dutch oven on one or more levels.  The Adjustable Rig is easy to set-up, will not hinder airflow, weighs less than four pounds and can live in your cooker.  Plus, it is fabricated by us from 304 Grade Stainless Steel.

 The Rig has the Spider welded to the frame.  We do this because the Spider keeps the Rig properly positioned atop the fire bowl.  Checkout the Spider section for more cool detail.  As side note, we dig how the 15" Ceramic Stone adds flexibility to the Rig/Spider Combo.

Measurement(s):  We recommend you take a couple of quick measurements in your Vision™ Grill before ordering.  

  • Measure the inside diameter of the fire bowl.  Take the measurement across the top of the fire bowl.  Measure across multiple spots.  The inside diameter measurements should approximately 16.5".
  • Measure the distance from the top of the fire bowl to the felt rim on the base.  The measurement should be approximately 3 - 3.5 inches.  If it is not, contact us and we’ll see what we can do to get you set-up.  

What's up with those notches

We pulled this from the "Q&A" Tab, as it is key to understanding how the Rig works.  You might want to read the "Q&A" and "Specs" before jumping into the other Tab (Grilling, BBQing, Sliding Grids........) sections.  

  • What do settings low, middle and upper mean?  These 3 settings correspond to the three vertical notches on the Rig brackets, see main picture above.  In the notches, you set two Crossbars that hold grids, stones, pans and such.  The lowest setting is 1" above the fire bowl.  The middle setting is 2.5" above the fire bowl.  The upper setting is 4" above the fire bowl.  The top ring on the Rig is 5.5" above the fire bowl, approximately 1.5" above the felt line.  In the picture above the Crossbars are in the low setting, an ideal position to set a heat deflector stone.   

reminderpin12px.jpg Note: Check the Crossbar ends in the picture above.  The Crossbars need to rest on the Rig's lower ring as pictured.  This will insure a level platform with the Crossbars.

One of the Cool things about the Adjustable Rig:

 You can lift the entire set-up out of the cooker without taking it apart.  One lift will bring the food, Rig, grids, stone, drip pan and Rig Extender out!

lifting the adjustable rig w/ spider out of a kamado classic vision grill Finish removing and setting the adjustable rig w/ spider next to the kamado classic vision grill


Main Cooking Grid: The 19" Vision™ grid (bottom grid) does fit atop the Adjustable Rig but it is not our preferred choice.  The hinged section makes the 19" grid somewhat cumbersome to use.  If using the 19" Vision™ grid, it must be placed with the grid handles on each side of the Rig's front opening, see picture below.  Our 18" Round Stainless Grid is a better fit atop the Rig, as it is designed specifically for the Rig, see below right.  We have not found a viable set-up solution using the Vision™ 18" upper grid with our products.

adjustable rig with spider and grill's stock grid on top for kamado style Vision Grills adjustable rig with spider and ceramic grill store's 18" stainless grid on top for kamado style Vision Grills


Checkout the other tabs for more on what the Adjustable Rig w/ Spider can do.