Barbeque is typically created using low temperatures and long times. The simplest way to classify these cooks in ceramic grills is under 300°F and includes a heat deflector.

The best way to recognize when a cook is done is by meat tenderness or internal temperature. We recommend you shy away from using the "so many hours per pound" method to determine meat doneness. Barbeque just answers to the ole saying . . . "It's done when it's done!"

important feature, function or fact With ceramic grills, the essential accessory to create mouth-watering barbeque is a heat deflector, also call an indirect piece. The deflector protects the underside of the food from burning during the extended cook times. Using a heat deflector or indirect piece in ceramic cooking is universally called an indirect set-up.

Our preferred indirect set-ups use ceramic stones. More information on ceramic stones can be found here. To summarize the ceramic stone page: Stones come in various sizes, lend themselves to multiple configurations, are durable, typically match the grill's shape and have no legs to hinder airflow. Pampered Chef or similar have bad track records in ceramic grills. Trust on this one and keep your significant other happy!

Lump can burn in excess of 1200° F, so it's important to use the proper heat deflector. Our stones are produced with high temperature ceramics, have 5/8" minimum thickness and are made in the USA.

post it note for helpful tipPick the stone that best matches the cooks you do most often. Then, add other stones as your abilities and needs grow.

Depending on your primary needs, we recommend either the 15" Round or 13”x17” Oval Ceramic Stones. The 15" Round matches up nicely to most fire ring/box diameters, our 16" Stainless Drip Pan and most grids. Plus the 15" can be purchased as two half stones, providing added grilling possibilities.

If your primary barbeque is ribs, brisket or side-by-side pork butts, then the 13"x17” Oval Stone is your best match. We specifically designed the Oval Stone to provide full indirect protection under these long meats.

Single Grid Barbequing: Pictured below are the more common set-ups. The typical set-up has your grill's cooking grid atop the Adjustable Rig and the ceramic stone below on the Rig Crossbars.

post it note for helpful tipSmoking, Low & Slow (BBQ) cooks on the Adjustable Rig are the same processes as grilling, except now we add a ceramic stone and utilize lower cooking temperatures. 

13"x17" Oval Ceramic Stone: We exclusively designed the Oval Stone to extend indirect protection under long meat cuts, specifically ribs and brisket. The Oval shape provides maximum protection with minimal impact on air circulation. If you suffer from burnt ends on long meats, then the 13"x17" Oval Ceramic Stone is your fix.   

post it note for helpful tipFor most cooks, the Oval Stone sits at the Rig's lower setting. At this setting, the stone is above the fire ring/box and several inches below the grid atop the Rig. 

rig with oval stone and 18" stock grid


Here are a couple barbeque cooks using a single grid, indirect set-up on the Adjustable Rig. Note, the lines on the spatchcock chickens are grid impressions from flipping the birds skin side down. We started the birds for about 10 minutes skin side down and direct (no stone) to jump start the skin rendering.

two pork butts on Rig indirect set up

two spatchcock chickens indirect on Rig

turkey breast atop Adjustable Rig in Large Big Green Egg

rig with brisket indirect done at 195 internal temp


Multi-Grid Barbequing: The Rig easily accommodates multi-grid cooks. The general set-up has the indirect stone on the Rig's lowest setting, an Oval Grid at the Rig's middle setting and your grill's cooking grid atop the Rig. The best way to accomplish the big meat cooks is with the Spider or Rig Extender with Sliding Grids. 

We only recommend using the Spider for big cooks: 4 pork butts, 2 briskets or 6 racks of ribs. The Spider holds the stone and optional drip pan. This leaves the Rig available for setting up multiple grids. When you shop for Spiders, the recommended stone(s) and drip pan will be listed in each Spider's product page. 

spider with 13" stone and 14" stainless drip on handing on the fire ring

rig customer combo set up

2 grid butt cook on Adjustable Rig and Spider in Large Big Green Egg

2 brisket flat cook using Spider and Adjustable Rig in Large Big Green Egg


Most Flexible Multi-Grid Configurations: Our sliding grid configurations are an effective way to manage grid spacing and still have easy access to the grids and lump. Pictured below left are a brisket packer and two full racks of ribs.

Pictured below right are four full racks of babyback ribs. With the four racks of ribs, you can slide the lower grid out. Check the Managing Multiple Grids tab for more detail. It is a very cool method. 

Sliding brisket using sliding grid set up

sliding grids on the rig with 4 racks babybacks lower grid slid out