Flame Boss

We've been running kamado temperature controllers since they first appeared on the market, well over a decade ago. We've sold large numbers and it seems like we talk to customers about them every day.

If you're scratching your head on which controller to buy, we can tell you, you are not alone. It's a common conversation we have with shoppers - what temperature controller to buy. From our experiences, we've fashioned two simple questions that help get through all the hype and detail. These are quick answer questions, no need to think too heavily. If you do contemplate, mark your answer(s) as 'no'.

  1. Do you work or enjoy messing with computers, electronics or IT thingamajigs?
  2. Do you want to monitor the food temperature?

Right now, you may be thinking, man not sure about this. The two questions simply match your needs with what you like doing. After all, isn't grilling in the backyard supposed to be fun! If it helps, we can tell you.....customers who followed their #1 and #2 answers have little or no regrets on their controller choice months after the purchase.  

If the answer to #1 is yes, then a WiFi based controller is your best choice. Simply, for a little extra cash, you tickle two hobbies with one device. It's a gadget that will provide fun and enjoyment on two levels for years to come. We hear continually from '#1 types"......I get just as much pleasure showing my live cook data to my non-BBQ friends as I do BBQing..... With WiFi, the answer to #2 is irrelevant: All WiFi controllers have multiple food probes capabilities.

If you answered #1 yes and are considering a Bluetooth controller, we recommend - don't. Bluetooth will leave you second guessing WiFi. It's an all-in or all-out proposition on mobility. Our recommendation is based on comments back to us from "#1 types" who have gone down this road. Basically their admission is....should have gone WiFi to get the full 'geek' experience.  

If the answer to #1 is no and the answer to #2 is yes, then the Flame Boss 100 is the perfect controller for you. It will manage the pit temp automatically (1 probe) and monitor food temperature (1 probe) very effectively. The Flame Boss 100 has plenty of other options to keep your cooks on target. How much of the Flame Boss 100's wizardry you use is totally up to you.

If the answer to #1 is no and the answer to #2 is no, then you need to check out the PitmasterIQ 110. It's right up your alley! The IQ 110 is a very effective and economical controller that automatically manages the pit temperature. No food temperature probe on the PitmasterIQ 110. It's price point is easy on the pocket book.

We admit it....we like using electronic controllers. They make life so much easier and less worrisome, especially when your head firsts hits the pillow after starting an overnight cook. We took the pop quiz too: #1 - no, #2 - yes. So, when at home and off the job, we run a Flame Boss 100-K.

Folks ask us about the other controllers on the market, like BBQ Guru and Stoker.  Both offer good controllers. Candidly, for the average backyard cook, they offer very similar abilities as Flame Boss. But, with BBQ Guru and Stoker, you can only buy direct. So, when you need a replacement probe and yes, you will eventually need one, it's a multi-day wait till the USPS package arrives. It's a hassle! With Flame Boss, who has a deep dealer network, you can run down to your local grill store and get a replacement probe right off the shelf in minutes. Trust us on this one, when we say, having immediacy on probes is like “money in the back".