Adjustable Rig for the XL Big Green Egg® - Q&A, Tips & Specs

Quick answers to common questions


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  • What size objects fit inside the XL Adjustable Rig?  Any round object (ceramic stone, pan or grid) must have a diameter less than 18.5 inches.  To slide between the front brackets, the object's width must be less than 16.5 inches. 

  • What do Settings 1.5, 3.0, 4.0 and 4.75 mean?  These Levels correspond to Crossbar settings on the XL Adjustable Rig.  The Levels are measured in inches from the top of the fire ring with the Rig sitting on the fire ring.  For example, when we recommend placing a grid at the 1.5 setting, it is the same as putting a grid 1.5 inches above the fire ring.  Setting 3.0 is 3 inches above the fire ring.  Setting 4.0 is 4 inches and setting 4.75 is 4.75 inches above the fire ring. 

  • Can the XL Adjustable Rig create an indirect (ConveGGtor like) configuration?  Yes, with the addition of our 17.5" Ceramic Stone or 9"x19" Ceramic Half Stone, the XL Adjustable Rig can be set-up to create an indirect (platesetter like) configuration.  We recommend the 17.5" Stone as your primary, day-to-day, Stone.  Big Green Egg's XL stone is too big and not recommended for use with CGS accessories.  Smaller Stones can be used if properly supported.

  • Can the XL Rig be used with the XL ConveGGtor or XL Woo?  Yes, the XL Rig works in tandem with our XL Woo and BGE's ConveGGtor.  Please read "What fits my XL" to make sure the pieces fit your Big Green Egg®.  

  • What size grids can be used with the XL Rig?  Our 16"x20" Oval and 20" Round Stainless Grids are designed to sit atop the XL Rig.  The 16"x20" is designed to fit inside the XL Rig at the various settings.  Both Grids are fabricated with 304, EPQ Quality, Stainless Steel and have an Electro-polish finish for improved surface performance.  The Oval Grid slides between the XL Rig's front brackets on the XL Slide Guide.

Tips & Techniques 

One thing to check out is our thermometer information, especially how to set the thermometer when cooking high in the dome.  If can be found, here.  This will insure accurate temperature readings during a cook. 

One of the features of the XL Adjustable Rig is how fast it can be removed from the XL Big Green Egg®.  The steps to remove the Rig are:
  • have your landing area ready and reasonably close; 
  • wear adequate personal protection;
  • grab under the Rig's upper ring and lift the Rig up and out of the XL Big Green Egg®;
  • keep the Rig level while carrying.  

If you think you may change over from a direct to an indirect set-up during the cook, we recommend setting the XL Crossbars or XL Slide Guide before starting the cook.  Then all you need to do is add the indirect piece when needed.

Sometimes with direct grilling, the lump can create hot spots across the grid.  You can minimize the effects from hot spots by spinning the grid.  To spin a grid, just set the tongs at the grid center and turn.  You can also rotate the Rig easily by grabbing it across the top ring.  

Spin the XL Big Green Egg Grid to control hot spots XL Crossbars as wiggle rod for XL Big green egg


If you are not using an XL Crossbar during a cook or have an extra XL Crossbar set, one can be used as a wiggle rod to shake the ash from the Big Green Egg® lump grate during a cook.  Slip the XL Crossbar through the Big Green Egg® lower slider opening, hook into one of the open grate holes and lightly push/pull.  The motion will shake the ash from the grate openings, improving airflow.


Specs for the XL Adjustable Rig

  • The XL Rig can sit:
    • directly on the fire ring,
    • atop the XL Woo/XL grid, or
    • atop the XL ConveGGtor/XL grid.
  • The Rig's overall height is 6 inches.
  • The Rig's top ring diameter is 19.25" OD and the bottom ring diameter is 23" OD.
  • The four Crossbar settings are: 1.5", 3.0", 4.0" and 4.75" above the fire ring.
  • The opening between the front two brackets is approximately 16.5", wide enough for 3 racks of babyback ribs.
  • The Rig is fabricated using Stainless 5/16" round bar and 3/16" plate.
  • Our 16"x20" Stainless Oval Grid is designed to slide in/out and sit atop the Rig.
  • Our 20" Stainless Round Grid is designed to sit atop the Rig.
  • One pair of Crossbars is included. Crossbars are fabricated from 1/4" Stainless round bar.
  • A Slide Guide fits the bottom two Rig Levels and aids in sliding items in and out of the Rig.

The Rig has 4 settings (Levels), pictured below.  These correspond to Crossbar settings and are measured in inches from the top of the fire ring.  All you need to remember is: a setting is so many inches above the fire ring.  

XL Adjustable Rig diagram for XL Big Green Egg

A pair of Crossbars holds the grid(s), ceramic stone(s) and/or drip pans at each setting.  The XL Adjustable Rig comes with one pair of Crossbars.  The XL Slide Guide is an option to slide the XL Oval Grid in and out at the two lower settings.  This is a nice option as it provides easy access to the lower grid.  There is no real need to slide a grid at the two upper settings.

Pictured below left are a pair of Crossbars on the upper 4.0 setting and an XL Slide Guide on the lower 1.5 setting.  

XL Slide Guide and Crossbars for XL Big Green Egg