Adjustable Rig for the XL Big Green Egg® - Low & Slow

How to set-up the Rig for low & slow on the XL Egg®


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Barbeque is typically created using low cooking temperatures and slow cooking times. For most low & slow cooks (ribs, brisket & butts), the cooking temperatures range from 225°F to 275°F.  The best way to recognize when a cook is done is by meat tenderness or internal temperature.  We recommend you shy away from using the "so many hours per pound" method to determine meat doneness.  Barbeque is just one of those lazy cooking methods that answers to the ole saying . . . "It's done when it's done!"

With ceramic grills, the essential accessory to create mouth-watering barbeque is a heat diffuser or indirect piece.  A heat diffuser or indirect piece protects the underside of the food from burning during the extended cook times.

 Using a heat diffuser or indirect piece in ceramic cooking is universally called an indirect set-up.

Our preferred indirect set-ups use ceramic stones. More information on ceramic stones can be found here. To summarize the ceramic stone page: Stones come in various sizes, lend themselves to multiple configurations, are durable, match the round shape of the grill and have no legs to hinder airflow.

Lump can burn in excess of 1200°F, so it's important to use the proper stone. Our stones are produced with high temperature cordierite formulas, have 5/8" minimum thickness and are made in the USA.

With the XL Woo and Rig, we recommend the 17.5" Round Ceramic Stone. The 17.5" matches up nicely to the fire ring's diameter, the 18" Stainless Drip Pan and an assortment of XL grids. The 17.5" stone is fabricated exclusively for CGS in the USA.

Best set-up any ceramic grill!  Without question using the XL Adjustable Rig, 17.5" Stone and either our 20" Round or 16"x20" Oval Stainless Grid is the best one grid set-up for low and slow, BBQ cooks.  No ceramic manufacturer can match it for convenience, accessibility and performance.

The set-up is the best because it eliminates handling any pieces during a cook, opens up the grill for superb airflow, positions the grid at the dome's sweet spot and best of all, let's you see and access the lump without touching a thing. It's a bold set-up any ceramic grill......but checkout the video below and you'll see why it is true.


The set-up goes together fast:  
  1. place the Rig with Crossbars or Slide Guide on the fire ring;
  2. add the 17.5" ceramic stone and optional 18" Drip Pan on the Crossbars or Slide Guide; and,
  3. set the 20" Round or 16"x20" Oval Stainless Grid atop the Rig.

The set-up is complete.  You won't need to be touch it again until the cook is over! 

 One grid Indirect set-up XL Adjustable Rig in XL Big Green Egg side view one grid indirect set up on xl adjustable rig

With our 20" or 16"x20" Grid, you can smoke a big brisket packer, several pork butts, 3 racks of babyback/St. Louis style ribs or multiple chickens comfortably. It's approximately 7.5 inches from the grid to the top center of the dome.

 To manage hot spots during a cook, just spin the grid atop the Rig. No need to take anything apart or out of the grill. 

If you prefer to keep the Drip Pan off the ceramic stone, a second set of Crossbars or a Slide Guide can hold the Drip Pan or Stone.  We recommend setting the Drip Pan on 3.0 setting to maintain sufficient air circulation under the grid. 

Indirect set up drip pan elevated off stone on xl adjustable ring in xl big green egg Side View drip pan elevated off stone xl adjustable rig in xl big green egg


low and slow brisket cook on one grid inside xl big green egg®

With the Abt (jalapeno poppers) cook below, the XL Woo elevates the rig and grid higher in the dome.  The 17.5" ceramic stone is on the Woo to create the indirect set-up.  We push the grid high in the dome to grill at higher temps and use the convective/reflective forces off the dome to help cook the bacon.   

xl rig indirect set-up high in the dome to control fat from bacon on the abts
Barbeque - Indirect Set-Ups with Multiple Grids  

These are the big indirect cooks on two or three grids.  The multi-grid set-ups use the Rig with either the XL Woo or egg® ConveGGtor (platesetter).  The lower grid is the 24" egg® grid on the XL Woo or ConveGGtor.  The upper one or two grids are on the Rig.

If going one grid on the Rig, then let the meat dictate which setting is best for the top grid. If going three grids (8-9 racks of babyback ribs), then it's best for the second grid to sit in the middle of the Rig and the third grid atop the Rig.  Our 16"x20" Oval grid fits inside and on top of the Rig.  Our 20" Round Grid fits on top of the Rig.

 We recommend using the XL Slide Guide to hold the Oval (middle) Grid on a 3 grid set up.  This way you can slide the Oval Grid in and out with ease.

With the XL Woo, the set-up is: (1) Woo on the fire ring; (2) 17.5" Stone on the Woo's lower ring; (3) 24" egg® grid atop the XL Woo; (4) Rig on the XL grid; (5) add grid(s) to the Rig.  The set-up is pictured below.

 xl rig set-up with 3 grids on xl woo in xl big green egg® xl rig with 3 grids set-up indirect with xl woo and 17.5" stone

    Using the ConveGGtor, the set-up is: (1) ConveGGtor on the fire ring; (2) 24" egg® grid atop the ConveGGtor; (3) Rig on the XL grid; (4) add grid(s) to the Rig. 

     3 grid set-up in xl egg using platesetter and xl rig, 2 grids on xl rig xl rig on platesetter with one grid atop rig
      3 grids of ribs on the xl rig inside the xl big green egg®


      In a nutshell, the XL Rig provides the best one grid set-up available and combined with the XL Woo or Egg® ConveGGtor makes the XL grill, one big BBQ machine!